HSBC Payroll Integration
Simplify employee salary transfers with HSBC.
Zoho Payroll and HSBC come together in strengthening our connected banking capabilities with direct salary deposits for employees.
Ensure quick and secure payments with our banking integrations
Timely salary payments
Forget bank advice. Our HSBC integration empowers you to distribute employee salary payments your way, without waiting for the bank. Initiate payments to employee accounts on your own timeline, directly from Zoho Payroll, with just a few clicks.
Secure transactions
With our multi-level authentication process, there is no risk of fraudulent transactions. You control the process end-to-end.
Batch payments
Group your employees and process their salaries in batches according to your organisation's policies. Employee payment status will be auto-updated in Zoho Payroll.
Instant salary transfer with HSBC partnership
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