Zoho Billing - Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Desk is a help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. By integrating Zoho Billing with Zoho Desk, you can charge your customers for the tickets that you have handled in Zoho Desk, as well as the time spent on each ticket.

Set up the Integration

Pro Tip: You have to be an admin in your Zoho Desk portal to set up the integration.
Note: You can integrate only one Zoho Billing organisation with a Zoho Desk portal at a time.

To launch Zoho Desk from Zoho Billing:

Connect to Zoho Desk
Insight: This integration has to be set up from Zoho Desk. Visit their help resource to learn how.

Once you’ve set up the integration, you can configure the permissions available for each profile in Zoho Desk.

Map Contacts

Your contacts in Zoho Desk can be mapped to your customers in Zoho Billing based on their email address. 

To do this, select a contact or a ticket in Zoho Desk, and click the Zoho Billing icon. If you have a customer in Zoho Billing with the same email ID, it will be listed here and you can map them. If not, you can create a new contact here, and they will be added as a customer in Zoho Billing. 

Pro Tip: You can delink a contact by clicking **Delink contact** option which is available when you hover over that particular contact in Zoho Desk.

Disable/Delete the Integration

You can disable or delete the Zoho Billing integration from Zoho Desk. Visit their help resource to learn how.

Once you’ve disabled the integration, your contacts and transactions will remain mapped between Zoho Billing and Zoho Desk, even when you choose to re-enable the integration. Whereas, when you delete the integration, this mapping will be deleted permanently. 

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