Introduction - Sales Receipts

A sales receipt is a document sent to customers when you sell them goods or services and record payment for it simultaneously. In a retail environment, this means that you only need to create one single transaction to record sales and collect payment. Sales receipts are commonly used in places where cash and sale is recorded instantly such as e-commerce websites and POS.

Difference Between a Sales Receipt and an Invoice

Scenario: John has a retail store and uses Zoho Billing to create invoices for customers. It became time-consuming for him to create invoices and record payment separately for them, while his customers were waiting in line at his store. John switched to Sales Receipts using which he can create an invoice and record payment for it at the same time, saving him time.

Compared to invoices, sales receipts let you record payments without leaving the creation page.

A sales receipt indicates that full payment has been received, whereas in an invoice, the payment needs to be recorded separately.

Let’s see how to create a sales receipt.

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