Your business’ financials are affected by regulatory taxes and each organization has different country specific taxes to adhere to. You may have added Taxes in the Quick Setup section. You can edit or add further Taxes through Settings.

GST Settings

If you are a GST registered business you can make your organization GST-Ready as well by enabling GST.

To enable the GST settings:

Adding New Taxes

To create or add a new Tax, follow steps as below:

Adding a New Tax Group

To create a Tax Group follow steps as below:

Adding a Tax Exemption

There might be situations where you are exempt from paying taxes because of the item or the customer to whom you are selling the product. In those cases, you can make the customer or plan non-taxable by entering the tax exemption reason.

To create a tax exemption:

Default Tax Preferences

The Intra State tax and Inter State tax, you enter here will be automatically used to apply tax for the customer when they subscribe to your plan or purchase an item.

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