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Taxes are an integral part of any business. The taxes applicable to your business are determined by your business’s location and type. In Zoho Billing, there are country specific taxes, multiple tax rates, and tax groups that you can configure according to your business’s needs.

Adding New Taxes

To create or add a new Tax, follow steps as below:

Editing Taxes

To edit an existing tax, follow the steps below:

Deleting Taxes

To delete an existing tax follow steps as below:

Adding a New Tax Group

You can group more than two taxes together and apply it on your transactions. Let’s say you have to charge your customers a newly introduced cess rate, you can then create a tax group with your regular tax rate and the cess to apply them on your invoices.

The total tax rate of a tax group will be the sum of all the tax rates which are grouped under it. To create a tax group, you must ensure you have created two or more tax rates.

To create a new tax group:

Create Taxes in Bulk

To create taxes in bulk:

Zoho Billing will create the specified taxes.

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