Customer Preferences

Let’s have a look at the various settings you can configure for the Customers module in Zoho Billing.

Basic Settings

You can choose which fields of your customer will be displayed in your transaction PDF, and also create multiple customers with similar details.

To configure your Customers preferences:

Customers Preferences

Field Customization

You can add multiple custom fields for the Customers module and assign different data types for each of them. Learn more about Field Customization.

Custom Buttons & Links

You can create new buttons in the Customers module to perform specific actions for your transactions, or to open external links. You can create them using deluge script and execute actions based on the functions you add.

Recording Payments Received

You can also record payments in currencies you have invoiced your customers.

Suppose you record a payment in a currency for which you have no transactions for the customer. In that case, the payment will be recorded as an excess payment.

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