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Invoicing an Expense

In most cases, the work doesn’t stop with simply tracking your expenses . Sometimes, you might need to spend money out of your pocket while carrying out a job for the client, such as buying raw materials, labor charges or travel expenses.

If it’s agreed that such expenses are to be reclaimed from your client , they are referred to as reimbursable expenses. For instance, if your assignment involves frequent travel, your client might agree to reimburse your fuel charges. In such cases, you can record these expenses in Zoho Billing and invoice your client to get it.

Creating and Invoicing a Reimbursable Expense

1. Make the expense billable

This expense can now be converted to an invoice.

2. Invoice the expense

Including a Billable Expense within an Invoice

Let’s say you offer painting services, and purchased a few cans of paint for a particular job. It doesn’t make sense to invoice the client for the service separately, while sending out a fresh invoice for reimbursement on the paint cans. Combining them both as a single invoice looks much more professional, and makes your accounting much less confusing.

In such cases, you can include the recorded expense as a line item within the main invoice.

The expenses will be added as line items to the invoice.

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