Introduction - Invoices

An invoice is a financial document which indicates the supply of goods or services between a vendor and a customer.

How does an invoice work?
The workflow of an invoice in Zoho Billing is as follows:

Invoice Life Cycle

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Create Invoice

You can create an invoice in Zoho Billing from the sales module or directly from the dashboard.

From the Sales module

Fields in red are compulsory, others are optional.

Fields Description
Customer Name The customer for whom the invoice is created.
Place of Supply The location where the supply takes place.
Invoice# Invoice number is generally auto-generated. You can manually enter the invoice number as well by clicking the Settings icon next to this field.
Invoice Date The date on which the invoice is created.
Terms The time period within which the customer is obliged to repay the invoice amount.
Salesperson A salesperson can be allocated to each invoice.
Item Details Type or select the items from the Items Details dropdown.
Tax Select a tax type from the drop down to apply to the selected Item.

From the Dashboard

Import Invoices

Do you already have invoices in your business? Zoho Billing provides you the option to import invoices in the CSV, TSV or XLS format.

To import invoices:

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