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Ignacio GalarragaCEO, The NetMen Corp

"Our goal was to engage each and every customer in a unique way; Zoho Campaigns has helped us achieve that."

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How The NetMen Corp doubled their repeat business with Zoho Campaigns

The NetMen corp is an experienced graphic design company based out of Florida, United States. Offering best-in-class design services to over 9,000 marquee clients, the NetMen Corp’s main endeavor was getting closer with customers by offering them unique experience.


Engaging each and every customer in a unique way by sending newsletters relevant to them and also building a brand identity on Social media.


To find a simple and user-friendly email marketing software that will seamlessly integrate with CRM and social media channels at a reasonable cost.


They used Zoho Campaigns to,

Nurture leads and customers

They could easily pull all contact data from their CRM system into Campaigns and follow up with the leads and nurture them with better content.

Offer a personalized experience to customers

They handle close to 500 projects per month and workflows helped them segregate customers based on services offered and send newsletters related to them. Also, they were easily able to identify potential customers for cross-selling other services.

Take their brand to a larger audience

A larger population of their customers had good presence on various social media platforms. Social Media Campaigns helped them take their brand to a larger audience and build a strong relationship with customers online.

Measure results of their efforts

They were able to see which part of the world their customers are from, measure open and click rates of their campaigns, and tailor the campaign content to suit their customer needs.

Manage campaigns on the go

Regardless of the location, they were easily able to add contacts to the lists and send campaigns using the Zoho Campaigns mobile app. It also helped them share reports with the respective teams and do a collaborative study on the results.


  • Increase in the percentage of repeat business from 20% to 40%.
  • Increase in engagement and loyalty.
  • Increase in Brand visibility.

More About The NetMen Corp:

The NetMen Corp has been in the design business for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of companies develop their brand by offering logo design, marketing materials, packaging and illustration services. The company takes great pride in creating the most innovative designs while providing an exceptional customer service.

Angie KearnsBrand Manager, Noxilizer, Inc.

"The software allows for tailoring messages and campaigns to select audiences, to increase awareness, support engagement and ultimately drive more sales."

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About the company: Noxilizer Inc.

Founded in 2004, Noxilizer, Inc. is a provider of an advanced, room-temperature nitrogen dioxide (NO2) based sterilization technology. With a flexible, advanced technology that sets them apart, Noxilizer’s goal is to drive awareness of NO2 technology, a clear understanding of its advantages, applications for its equipment and services and overall acceptance of the technology globally.

Noxilizer is committed to personalized, customer-centric selling and utilizes Zoho CRM to help manage their sales activities. Additionally, the company augments direct sales activities with email marketing. Using Zoho Campaigns, they’re able to reach out to industry decision makers with professional looking communications and reinforce their key selling points.

The challenge before Zoho Campaigns

Typical of most fast growing start-ups, Noxilizer is challenged with availability of resources and scalability. As a result, their choice of CRM software needed to address these challenges and provide effective solutions.

Why Zoho Campaigns?

After researching several options, the team selected Zoho CRM, noting it was an intuitive, affordable and flexible offering. Most importantly, it offered the ability to grow as their organization grew. Noxilizer later added Zoho Campaigns for outbound marketing, a seamless integration.

How do they use Zoho Campaigns?

The team at Noxilizer primarily uses Zoho Campaigns for sending ongoing communications to their customer and prospect database. The software allows for tailoring messages and campaigns to select audiences, to increase awareness, support engagement and ultimately drive more sales.

How do they benefit from Zoho Campaigns?

As a vehicle for their email marketing strategy, Zoho Campaigns offers easy to manage, personalized communications to large audiences. Zoho Campaigns has also allowed the team at Noxilizer to gain insight into which of their messaging resonates with their audience. Through customer surveys and reporting tools, Noxilizer crafts and refines their messaging to deliver messages that matter to decision makers.

With Zoho CRM, they can successfully store and manage their leads for personalized selling. And with Zoho Campaigns integration, they can deliver the information customers are seeking.

Would they recommend Zoho Campaigns?

“For a start-up organization, Zoho CRM and the integration with Zoho Campaigns have proved to be great tools. It is intuitive–allowing new users to jump right in with relatively little training. It is cost-effective for a small number of users and offers scalability as our organization grows.”

More about the company

NO2 technology offers many advantages over traditional sterilization methods and is ideally suited for temperature and pressure-sensitive medical devices like prefilled syringes, drug delivery combination products and polymer implants. Noxilizer sells sterilization and decontamination equipment to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers and also offers contract sterilization services at its Baltimore, MD facilities.

Damian HallCEO, Venue10

"We have a distinct pathway from freemium to premium customers that works and is getting better every month through Zoho Campaigns reports, analytics and application."

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About Venue10

We, at Venue10, offer a places-of-interest marketing platform via our website and mobile applications, allowing customers to make free reservations at restaurants and other venues of their choice whilst taking advantage of unique offers.

What challenge were you facing before using Zoho Campaigns?

Getting our database of Potential Venue customers to subscribe to Venue10, allowing us to activate our email newsletter-marketing program, and also having the process linked to a CRM program that was flexible, agile and simple to work with, and finally affordable.

How is your business different after using Zoho Campaigns?

We have a distinct pathway from freemium to premium customers that works and is getting better every month through Zoho Campaigns reports, analytics and application. We are also becoming Zoho junkies - adopting CRM, Sales IQ, and reviewing other integrated services.

What advice would you give to other Zoho users?

Education – training, practice, re-training, education, and practice – you have to get and be committed to the service, and ensure others understand what it does and how it can help.

More about Venue10

Our business process is to list suitable places of interest from the restaurant, bar and meeting places communities that gives the customers an immediate, centralised reference point, and allows the venue owners to claim their listing and upgrade to the direct reservation platform at an annual fixed fee.

We have presented on our website 230,000 places of interest, and have a further 1.8m places of interest to be published in 2015-2016, making Venue10 the world's largest targeted listing for table and group reservations across the UK, Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Capital Cities in the rest of the World.

We are starting on our commercial journey after 2 years of development, and we are confident that we have the right solution today.

Nicolas QuijanoOwner, DesignIt4Free

"It is much easier to use email lists on Zoho Campaigns than any other company like MailChimp or Constant Contact."

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What's DesignIt4Free all about?​ is a full service printing and graphic design service specializing in creative and unique business cards. We also do banners, brochures, postcards, flyers, tri-fold brochures, plastic business cards, metal business cards, die-cut special shape cards, folding business cards, EDDM mailing, logos, websites, search engine optimization, social media optimization and more! There isn't a printing or design job that we can't handle!

Who is your target audience?​

Our target audience is businesses with a need for unique marketing materials that stand out. We help businesses stand out against their competitors. We have a wide range of customers, but some of our best customers are Real Estate agents and companies, Dental and Doctors offices, general contractors, wedding DJs and party event planners, event rental companies, car dealers, boating and yacht dealers, fitness studios, chefs, restaurant, salons, psychics, welding companies, oil field companies and many more!​

How do you use email marketing to target them?

I use email marketing sparingly because I know it is annoying to spam my customers with too many emails. I use email marketing for general stuff like: letting them know about specials or promotions I have going on, and wishing my customers a happy holiday. I will only send out email campaigns once or twice a month, just enough to keep my company fresh in my customers minds.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

Zoho campaigns has made it easy to send out well designed eye catching generalized emails to my customer base and it's much easier to use email lists on zoho than any other company like mail chimp or constant contact.​

I really liked your Thanksgiving Twitter post. How do you find our template editor?

I use a combination of email templates and Photoshop to make my campaigns. I try to switch it up to see what type of campaign gets the most views. I will toggle between doing mostly text campaigns and other campaigns that are more visual based. For the thanksgiving campaign, I used Photoshop to create a custom image with nice thanksgiving graphics that matched one of your standard thanksgiving campaign templates, I inserted my own custom graphic and deleted anything from the template that I didn't need. Then I put my contact info at the bottom and linked my social media to the provided buttons. The whole thing took about 15 minutes to complete. Then I just had to schedule my campaign to be sent so my customers wouldn't be eating their thanksgiving dinners or entertaining families, so I figured 3:30pm would be a good time to schedule the campaign to be sent and it was very successful!

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why?

Yes, because the email templates are easy to customize, the analytics are great so you can see who is reading your emails and how many times they viewed your email, so you can see which customers have the greatest interest in your campaign.​

Sandra ClarkLinkedIn Mentoring

"Zoho Campaigns is affordable and scalable. It helps me manage my connections and stay in touch with my prospects on a regular basis."

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How did the idea of LinkedIn Mentoring come to you? and how long have you been in the coaching business?

Many years ago, I started my professional life as a teacher and, in many ways, coaching is just an extension of that first love. I started my own business, which included coaching, 6+ years ago. After a few years, I decided to focus exclusively on my most popular offering, LinkedIn coaching. So many people were struggling to use LinkedIn effectively and needed help.

Who is your target audience? and how do you grow your subscriber base?

My target audience: Busy, smart professionals who need to focus on their business and not waste a lot of time learning to use a social media tool to brand themselves online. Though some are job seekers, most are concerned about representing themselves well online.

I build my business largely through my speaking engagements. I do a drawing and the cards they enter into my drawing are then used to enter their information into Zoho. I also have sign-up forms for complimentary consultations and a newsletter on my website. Signing up for either a consultation or my newsletter automatically adds them to my Zoho CRM.

How do you use email marketing to reach out to them?

New online leads receive an automated welcome and follow-up email if they haven’t taken action to sign up for a consultation. My entire list receives a newsletter every two weeks with tips about using LinkedIn more effectively.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

My regular newsletter has created a regular stream of contacts setting up coaching appointments for themselves or reminding them to refer me to a friend or colleague who needs my assistance.

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why?

Zoho Campaigns has worked well for me. It's affordable and scalable and reasonably easy to use. It helps me manage my connections and stay in touch with my prospects on a regular basis. It also allows me to measure results and make improvements.

What would be your one LinkedIn-success advice for budding entrepreneurs and professionals?

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is client-focused – how you’re going to help them, e.g. “Transforming LinkedIn Profiles for Results

Jason RobertsDirector of Operations, Polarity Partnerships

"After using Zoho Campaigns, we have seen an increase in the website traffic."

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About the company:

Polarity partnerships is a California based consulting firm that helps individuals, professionals, and businesses scale up their potentials using the concept of Polarity Thinking™. With a mission to "Promote a higher quality of life for individuals, organizations, and the planet through Polarity Thinking™, the company offers a variety of online certification courses, including strategic development, leadership development, and organization development.

The challenge:

The company receives a lot of email, phone, and online enquiries about courses being offered, on a day-to-day basis. They also get many online registrations for different courses. That's a lot of data for a small team to manage! So, they wanted a CRM to organize their data, and after research they narrowed down to Zoho CRM. After gathering the data in their CRM, they also wanted to engage all their contacts in different ways. That's when they started looking for a email marketing software that will smoothly integrate with their CRM, make managing data easier for them as well as help them reach the right audience with the right message.

The solution:

They initially used Constant Contact for email marketing. After using it for a while, they realized the need for a simple and easy-to-use email marketing product that will seamlessly integrate with the existing CRM and not just be a mass mailing tool but add more value to all the data they had. Zoho Campaigns was their obvious choice, for it integrates well with their CRM system, and also has all the tools to help them reach and engage the right target audience at the right time.

Here is how Polarity Partnerships uses Zoho Campaigns:

Integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns:

They use the integration between the two products to their advantage by creating as many custom fields as they want, and pull all the relevant data from CRM into Campaigns.

Designing and distributing content:

The company usually sends a lot of video tutorials and webinar information on email. When they send important information, they also use A/B testing to test subject lines and email content to see which version brings more open rates. This way they understand their audience's behavior to tailor future campaigns.

Reaching out the right people:

Polarity Partnerships handles a niche audience, and the content they send needs to be really specific and useful. The company uses workflows to segment the contacts and group them based on the recipients' preferences and just send what the audience wants from them.

The Result:

  • Increase in website traffic.
  • Increase in the number of contact requests.
  • Managing data has become so much easier.
  • Better understanding of the audience and demand pattern.
Louisa Sando-PatelOwner, Bright Owl Copywriting & Communications

"Zoho Campaigns has been really profitable for us. Our campaigns have achieved very good response rates."

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Tell us about Bright Owl Copywriting & Communications

At Bright Owl, we specialise in writing marketing and advertising content for various small and medium-sized businesses. We offer a wide range of copywriting services which every business needs - from website and social media content to printed marketing collateral.

How did Zoho happen?

First, we started off with Zoho CRM as we found it to be the perfect fit for our business. Then we started using Zoho Campaigns, as email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach our target audience.

Were you using any other email marketing software before? How did the shift to Zoho Campaigns happen?

Yes, we were using MailChimp before. We wanted an email marketing service which would easily integrate with our CRM software and hence, the move.

How do you use Zoho Campaigns?

The majority of our contacts come from networking. We attend a lot of business events and use the Zoho card scanner to scan the business cards we collect and the data is automatically sent to our Zoho CRM. We pick a particular list of contacts, e.g. leads from the CRM, and send out targeted campaigns.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

Zoho Campaigns has been really profitable for us. We generally post our campaigns using the email tool and our LinkedIn campaigns have achieved very good response rates. Plus, the scheduling feature in Zoho Campaigns has made these tasks much simpler. We are able to reach the right audience at the right time.

Would you recommend Zoho to others? If yes, why would you do that?

I'm already doing it! I would love to recommend Zoho to others because the products have great functionality, the systems are very user friendly, and the best part is the customisation on offer. What’s more, Zoho is always improving their products; their customer service is second to none. ​

Paul MadginFounder, 2020 Webvision

"The Zoho Campaigns support team has been really excellent and there is a great “can do” ethos in the team."

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How did the idea of 2020 Webvision come to you? And what is the company all about?

I had my own web design business here in the UK and I realised that there was no independent source of advice regarding building successful websites. I set up 2020 Webvision to fill this gap. We do not provide design or programming services and if we recommend a service it is on the basis of merit –no commissions are paid to us. We are now advising business’ with a view to producing rapid growth of their online objectives and appear to be succeeding.

Who is your target audience and how do you grow your mailing list?

Our target audience are small to medium size business’ with perhaps a small in house team or external provider that lack the breadth of understanding required. We are able to offer top level advice without the need for full time employment. Our mailing list grows by offering marketing updates and friendly advice on how to avoid the many “too good to be true” offers in the market place. This allows our audience to grow as so many people forward it to friends and colleagues because it is of value.

How did Zoho Campaigns happen?

I researched a partner for e-mail marketing for a client and Zoho Campaigns came out well ahead of the opposition and now I use it myself and many of my clients.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

My mailshot is critical to maintaining my business on the “tip of the tongue” of thousands of subscribers. When they have an issue they remember the newsletter and a new client results.

How has your experience with our support team been?

Really excellent. There is a great “can do” ethos in the support team and they give straight answers to straight questions.

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why would you do that?

Certainly I would, and I have. For all the reasons I give above.

As a serial entrepreneur, what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Keep asking yourself what does my visitor/reader need. Then question your answers. We all fall into the trap of assuming we know. Seldom is this the case.

Ian NicholsonChannel sales director, BIReady, Australia

"I get good open rates – usually around 20+% for the ‘personal’ emails. Zoho Campaigns helps tremendously."

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Tell us about your business and your experience with Zoho:

We, at BI Ready, sell a range of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Automation solutions, and other information management tools. I am actually a big fan of Zoho and have been for many years (first using it back in 2010). I use Zoho Campaigns to reach over 4000 subscribers on my mailing list, Zoho CRM to track my opportunities, and Zoho Social to reach my social audience.

Who is your target audience? and how do you grow your list?

My target audience is IT managers. I’ve been in this space a long time, and so already had a huge list of contacts. More recently, I have been adding to my list via Zoho Campaigns forms on our website, by offering whitepapers primarily as a means to get people to sign up.​

How do you use email marketing to reach out to them?​

I have two approaches. Sometimes I send an email that looks just like a personal email sent from Outlook. Other times I’ll send a more ‘newsletter’-type of email. I get good open rates – usually around 20+% for the ‘personal’ emails. I also like how Campaigns will post our emails onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – they get a lot of interest too.

How do you use our advanced features like workflow automation and autoresponders? ​

I use Workflow Automation to help me build sub-lists from my main lists. For my purposes, it’s a kind of segmentation on steroids. Segmentation is good, but Workflow lets me create more complex rules with ease. Autoresponders are great for reminding my leads about other things for them to see on our website. For example, if they sign up to receive a whitepaper, then the autoresponder will send an email offering them links to our other whitepapers over a period of time. It’s the best way to make regular but non-salesy contact with our prospect. It builds trust.​

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

Zoho Campaigns helps tremendously. When I send a campaign, I’m more intrigued not only by those that clicked, but by those that opened many times and didn’t click! A quick follow-up phone call to those prospects has often resulted in a sale!

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why?​

I always recommend Zoho Campaigns to customers and peers. It’s very easy to use and the support has always been fantastic.​

Your advice for others in the BI and Data Warehouse solutions business. And tips on how to use Zoho Campaigns for their business.

Well, my advice would be for anyone really: Get under the hood! Zoho Campaigns contains a lot of excellent features not found in other email campaign engines, and if they are there, you must pay a lot extra to get them! Zoho Campaigns actually offers exceptional value.​

Ross CMO, Interactive Fitness

"We were having trouble communicating with and engaging our customers post sales. Zoho Campaigns has helped us solve this."

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About the company: Interactive Fitness

We build the world's coolest exercise bike. If you've ever been bored with exercise then the Expresso bike is the answer. Expresso is a fully interactive exercise bike with steering, shifting and real terrain so you feel in the pedals the terrain on your screen. You can race yourself, your friends and compete in worldwide cycling events each month.

As a business, we believe that exercise should be fun instead of boring. We believe in engaging people in their workouts instead of distracting them. We believe technology should connect people through Team Cardio rather than encouraging isolated activity. We build products for people who think like us.

The challenge before Zoho Campaigns

With our bikes, we provide worldwide challenges each month where riders from around the globe can compete. We were having trouble communicating with and engaging our customers post sale. Zoho campaigns has helped us solve this.

Why Zoho Campaigns?

Because we use Zoho CRM to manage our sales and we needed tight integration with CRM and our proprietary database.

How is their business different after using Zoho Campaigns?

Our communication with our customers is dramatically better. Our customers are more engaged and more happy than they ever have been before. Our riders are more happy and healthy!

Advice for other users

Try out Zoho Campaigns. You'll love it.

Jaisimha Das Head of Marketing and Global Business Development, Nispana Innovative Platforms Pvt Ltd

"Zoho Campaigns is a user-friendly and cost-effective email marketing solution. It has all the features to run your B2B email marketing campaigns."

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About Nispana:

Nispana is one of the leading business intelligence solution providers based out of Bangalore, India. The company helps global corporate buyers, governments, industrial experts, and solution providers respond to the micro-and-macro level challenges and opportunities created by worldwide business drivers.

Nispana and Zoho Campaigns:

Nispana conducts conferences, summits, and exhibitions across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. They were on a look out for a simple and cost-effective email marketing product to reach out to their target audience. After analyzing various email marketing products, Nispana found Zoho Campaigns to be the perfect fit.

Here's how Nispana used Zoho Campaigns and achieved above-the-industry standard open and click-through rates:

Defining the target audience: Their target audience is industry stake holders with whom they closely work to develop a sustainable business practice. After getting all the contacts into Zoho Campaigns mailing lists, they create separate segments based on the industry type of the contact and the event being conduct.

Adding value with relevant emails: Based on their audience's engagement levels, they send highly targeted emails that cover marketing articles, best practices, interview videos of subject matter experts, and complimentary downloadables, etc.

Automating the follow ups: They use autoresponders to send automated follow ups based on the response of their audience to their previous campaigns.

Gaining insights from campaign reports: After every campaign, they analyze the reports to understand the audience and make their next campaign better.

The result:

Achieved average open rate of 19% and click-through rate of 2%, while the industry best average open rate is 15% and click rate is 1%.
Improved engagement with the audience through regular follow ups.