About BHM Healthcare Solutions and your target audience.

BHM provides behavioral health and medical review services and performance improvement consulting to health plans, providers, ACOs, TPAs, workers’ compensation, and other insurers nationally. BHM works with clients through web-based services with very little face-to-face interactions. Our clients include 6 of the 10 largest health insurance companies.

How do you grow your subscriber base? Do you use our sign-up forms? 

Our website does use sign-up forms, though a majority of our leads come from sales rep work and list experts.

How do you use email marketing to reach out to them (the type of campaigns you send them)?

Branding emails with practical news in a newsletter and targeted emails. This year, we added very targeted, personalized emails to small groups (by region and company) pushing a specific message with a personal follow-up from a rep.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

Zoho Campaigns allows full integration and control of our content through email channels. The features of any mainstream email program combined with a full service CRM gives our sales representatives the Lead level e-marketing activity. Encouraging content-based interactions often begin the client journey and Zoho Campaigns+CRM tracks the activities through the entire process.

What do you think about our new interface?

Cleaner, though with any change I needed some re-education on some tried and true tools I found invaluable.

What's your favorite Zoho Campaigns feature and why?

Integration with CRM. Two years ago we relied on MailChimp and Zoho CRM with a third-party database (Cazoomi) update service. The potential for import crashes and mixed data was a constant concern. The feedback to the Lead/Contact records was a mess and encouraged the sales reps to overlook the marketing activity because it was poorly formatted (due to the third-party process). The real, everyday benefit is improved connectivity between Marketing and Sales giving Sales access to more information allowing a higher level conversation with clients.

How has our support team been? 

I can't say enough of your support team. Whether through emails, phone, or (my favorite) chat access, your service personnel get to the heart of any issue (complex or very basic). Reaching out is as easy as connecting with my own corporate satellite office. BHM headquarters in Tampa, FL, yet all of the marketing and sales personnel are spread throughout the US. Your staff solves transition hiccups and integration challenges. Once, your team flawlessly performed a joint interface meeting working out the issue live.