Tell us about Infonet Institute.

Infonet Institute is one of the oldest and leading institute located in Dubai, we do management courses for working professionals, we do consultant job for corporates, and train candidates for IELTS, CMA, CPA, CIPS.

Who are your typical target audience? 

Working Professionals in almost all fields except IT, like for ex: Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, and so on. People who are looking to migrate to Aus, Newz, Can, UK. On PR. Corporates who are looking for training and development.

How did you choose Zoho Campaigns?

I have worked as a marketing specialist in the past. So, I have experience with some of the email campaign webmasters. I knew Zoho for a long time, but I recently started using it myself.

What's your favorite Campaigns feature? Reasons for it.

The Report system in Zoho Campaigns, It's really good, and it can be used to fine tune our own database.

How was your first campaigns experience? As in, was sending your first email campaign easier using Zoho Campaigns?

It was really good. To be more frank, the UI is amazing. Also, the report system is perfect for any marketing man. Definitely it’s easier to use Zoho than any other.