1. Tell us about Kyoyuprinting

Founded in 1971, Kyoyuprinting is a commercial printing and publishing company headquartered at Shinjuku Ward. The company believes that the printing idustry is like a service industry and fulfulling customer requests quickly is the key to success.

2. How do you grow your subscriber base? Do you use our sign-up forms?

We use the integration between Zoho CRM and Campaigns to grow our subscriber base. We feed the subscriber details into CRM, and the sync we have created automatically transfers the data to Campaigns.

How do you use email marketing to reach out to them (the type of campaigns you send them)?

We regularly send email newsletters to our subscribers and increase our engagement with them.

4. How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

Zoho Campaigns has helped us deliver timely information to our customers. We send new products/services announcement emails, thank you emails to buyers, oder notification emails, and so on. We have been able to nurture our prospects well with Zoho Campaigns.

5. What do you think about our new interface?

The new UI is a whole lot easier compared to the old UI in terms of usability.

6. How do you use our social campaigns feature?

We mainly run Twitter campaigns. The advantage of Zoho Campaigns is that it makes it possible for us to scehdule social posts.

7. What's your favorite Zoho Campaigns feature and why?

I like social campaigns because it is really effective for us.

8. Tips on how to use Zoho Campaigns for a printing company.

Zoho Campaigns is one of the effective ways to efficiently communicate our strengths to customers. If you are in the printing industry, we recommend sending emails themed around technology and solutions to your subscribers. For example, special processing ink / paper introduction etc can be content.