What's Channel Happy Hour all about?

The Channel Happy Hour is a site devoted to the latest IT Channel news and, of course, the Channel Happy Hour Podcast. A show devoted to bringing you all the Channel news for the past week.

The major IT news of the day is analyzed from a unique channel perspective. We also make an effort to have quality guests, particularly channel chiefs from companies trying to spur adoption of emerging technologies through the channel.

After all, where there is a mystery there is profit. Incumbent vendors like to focus most of their efforts on legacy technologies. But these days IT is all about disruption. End users are driving adoption of innovative new technologies at unprecedented rates. That creates an opportunity for channel partners to add products and services to their portfolio much earlier in their lifecycle. That’s important cause the earlier a channel partner gets engaged; the more money there is to be made.

Who is your target audience and how do you grow your subscribers count?

We grow our audience mostly by the interviews and articles we do. By interviewing top industry professionals, they use their companies social media to spread the word about the Channel Happy Hour. And, yes. We use a sign-up form integrated with Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM.

How do you use email marketing to target your audience (the type of campaigns that you send)?

Every week we publish 5 to 15 articles and record 2 or 3 podcasts. We use campaigns to send out a weekly newsletter that highlights the top stories and podcast of the week.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

It very much helps us drive traffic to our website, and thereby helps our advertisers.

What's your favorite Zoho Campaigns feature and why?

The seamless integration with Zoho CRM.

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why?

Absolutely. Zoho is an amazing platform. And I tell everyone about it. Keep up the good work.