About the company: Interactive Fitness

We build the world's coolest exercise bike. If you've ever been bored with exercise then the Expresso bike is the answer. Expresso is a fully interactive exercise bike with steering, shifting and real terrain so you feel in the pedals the terrain on your screen. You can race yourself, your friends and compete in worldwide cycling events each month.

As a business, we believe that exercise should be fun instead of boring. We believe in engaging people in their workouts instead of distracting them. We believe technology should connect people through Team Cardio rather than encouraging isolated activity. We build products for people who think like us.

The challenge before Zoho Campaigns

With our bikes, we provide worldwide challenges each month where riders from around the globe can compete. We were having trouble communicating with and engaging our customers post sale. Zoho campaigns has helped us solve this.

Why Zoho Campaigns?

Because we use Zoho CRM to manage our sales and we needed tight integration with CRM and our proprietary database.

How is their business different after using Zoho Campaigns?

Our communication with our customers is dramatically better. Our customers are more engaged and more happy than they ever have been before. Our riders are more happy and healthy!

Advice for other users

Try out Zoho Campaigns. You'll love it.