How did the idea of LinkedIn Mentoring come to you? and how long have you been in the coaching business?

Many years ago, I started my professional life as a teacher and, in many ways, coaching is just an extension of that first love. I started my own business, which included coaching, 6+ years ago. After a few years, I decided to focus exclusively on my most popular offering, LinkedIn coaching. So many people were struggling to use LinkedIn effectively and needed help.

Who is your target audience? and how do you grow your subscriber base?

My target audience: Busy, smart professionals who need to focus on their business and not waste a lot of time learning to use a social media tool to brand themselves online. Though some are job seekers, most are concerned about representing themselves well online.

I build my business largely through my speaking engagements. I do a drawing and the cards they enter into my drawing are then used to enter their information into Zoho. I also have sign-up forms for complimentary consultations and a newsletter on my website. Signing up for either a consultation or my newsletter automatically adds them to my Zoho CRM.

How do you use email marketing to reach out to them?

New online leads receive an automated welcome and follow-up email if they haven’t taken action to sign up for a consultation. My entire list receives a newsletter every two weeks with tips about using LinkedIn more effectively.

How has using Zoho Campaigns helped your business?

My regular newsletter has created a regular stream of contacts setting up coaching appointments for themselves or reminding them to refer me to a friend or colleague who needs my assistance.

Would you recommend Zoho Campaigns to others? If yes, why?

Zoho Campaigns has worked well for me. It's affordable and scalable and reasonably easy to use. It helps me manage my connections and stay in touch with my prospects on a regular basis. It also allows me to measure results and make improvements.

What would be your one LinkedIn-success advice for budding entrepreneurs and professionals?

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is client-focused — how you’re going to help them, e.g. “Transforming LinkedIn Profiles for Results / grow your online presence / build your professional network” rather than “LinkedIn Expert”.