About Nispana:

Nispana is one of the leading business intelligence solution providers based out of Bangalore, India. The company helps global corporate buyers, governments, industrial experts, and solution providers respond to the micro-and-macro level challenges and opportunities created by worldwide business drivers.

Nispana and Zoho Campaigns:

Nispana conducts conferences, summits, and exhibitions across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. They were on a look out for a simple and cost-effective email marketing product to reach out to their target audience. After analyzing various email marketing products, Nispana found Zoho Campaigns to be the perfect fit.

Here's how Nispana used Zoho Campaigns and achieved above-the-industry standard open and click-through rates:

Defining the target audience: Their target audience is industry stake holders with whom they closely work to develop a sustainable business practice. After getting all the contacts into Zoho Campaigns mailing lists, they create separate segments based on the industry type of the contact and the event being conduct.

Adding value with relevant emails: Based on their audience's engagement levels, they send highly targeted emails that cover marketing articles, best practices, interview videos of subject matter experts, and complimentary downloadables, etc.

Automating the follow ups: They use autoresponders to send automated follow ups based on the response of their audience to their previous campaigns.

Gaining insights from campaign reports: After every campaign, they analyze the reports to understand the audience and make their next campaign better.

The result:

Achieved average open rate of 19% and click-through rate of 2%, while the industry best average open rate is 15% and click rate is 1%. Improved engagement with the audience through regular follow ups.