Tell us how email marketing fits a unique industry as yours.

The aesthetic medicine industry is rapidly growing. Reacting to the market is a key point for our business, and email campaigns provide a wide reach and they are cost effective—either stand-alone or alongside other marketing mediums.

Do you follow any email strategy while using Zoho Campaigns?

Due to the nature of our business we have to implement a quick turn-around on promotions—this keeps us competitive and ensures our customers are getting the best up-to-date offers; the same theory applies to our email campaigns. When the offers change, we strive to let our customers know, especially if they are only for a short period. On the technical side, our marketing team make sure the design corresponds to our print and digital materials for consistency and lots of QC on the content is done before its signed off. The campaign is then rigorously tested on all devices and email clients and finally we make sure our lists are current.

Is there a challenge you faced, and did Campaigns help you resolve that?

When GDPR came in early in 2018, a lot of changes occurred in email marketing. Having had some issues with new subscribers and lists, Zoho were very supportive and helped to get us sending email campaigns again in good time.

Why would you recommend Zoho Campaigns?

Zoho Campaigns utilizes a straightforward interface for efficient usage, and the subscriptions suit the company's needs, whether it’s a small business, growing, or an established conglomerate. After the campaigns are sent, the reports are easy to interpret, and managing subscribers/lists is simple and quick. One downside is the lack of variety in fonts available for the campaigns.

Any advice/tips for fellow email marketers?

  • Know the optimum time to send out your campaign and consider different time zones.
  • Make your campaign responsive to different devices (height may work whereas padding might not) as more people are checking emails on phones than ever before.
  • Compatibility checking of your campaigns on multiple devices and email clients.
  • Animated GIFs don’t work in all the email clients
  • Have the right subject line.
  • Provide the information and promotions your customers need or won’t want to miss.
  • Make good use of lists as some promotions might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Try, and keep a copy of your blacklists.
  • Don’t over send.