1 Million Users.10 Million Reports & Dashboards.1 Reporting Service.  

Business Intelligence (BI), until recently was largely confined to larger enterprises because of the high capex involved. Smaller and medium businesses (SMBs) had to rely on tools like spreadsheets for their BI requirement needs. All this has changed with the arrival of SaaS BI - BI delivered as software-as-a-service. A SaaS BI solution like Zoho Analytics makes business intelligence for SMBs a lot easier due to :

  • Affordable Cost: The very affordable pay-as-you-use monthly subscription plans means you no longer need to worry about paying high licensing fees or annual support fees.
  • Quick & Easy Setup: SaaS BI saves a lot of setup and implementation time. With a SaaS BI application like Zoho Analytics, you can import data from multiple sources and get to see auto-generated reports immediately.
  • Short Learning Curve: Zoho Analytics has a spreadsheet-like interface and reports can be created by drag-and-drop. Makes it easy for users accustomed to using spreadsheet software as Microsoft Excel.
  • Easier Collaboration: Being on the cloud means easier collaboration. No need to email spreadsheets & reports around. Just sharing an URL would do.
  • Self-service / Pervasive BI: Zoho Analytics as a SaaS BI solution makes it easy for a typical business user to sign up, start creating and sharing reports in minutes -- without any help from IT.
  • Embedded BI: With Zoho Analytics, interactive reports and dashboards can be embedded in intranets or third-party applications.
  • Web APIs: HTTP based REST APIs makes Zoho Analytics a true SaaS BI solution on the web. If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), you can easily integrate Zoho Analytics into your product or application.
  • Scalable BI Service: It is not just SMBs who use Zoho Analytics. Bigger enterprises use Zoho Analytics too, given that it scales, and handles big data well (can report on 100s of millions of rows of data).