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Visualize and analyze your data with business dashboards. Create insightful business dashboards and track your key performance indicators (KPIs) using our online dashboard creator. Share your dashboards with colleagues for easier data analysis and collaboration.

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Track key metrics with insightful business dashboards

Create insightful KPI reports and dashboards utilizing a variety of visual tools like charts, widgets, pivots, summaries, and tables etc.,provided by business intelligence softwareEnriching your business dashboards with diverse data visualization elements shall boost insights consumption and streamline decision-making.

Create professional business dashboards with ease

Build powerful business analytics dashboards in a flash with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Leverage powerful reporting components to create dashboards without taking the help of IT!

business dashboard | dashboard creator | drag-and-drop interface
business dashboard | dashboard creator | Wide range of reporting components

Wide range of reporting components

Use a variety of charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, and tabular view components to build your dashboards. Drill down into your data for the insights you need.

Share and embed

Collaborate on dashboard creation and make more informed decisions as a team, with our business dashboard software. Embed them across various online platforms for mass consumption and provide fine-grained access control.

business dashboard | dashboard creator | Share and embed
business dashboard | dashboard creator | Export and email

Export and email

Schedule your dashboards to be emailed automatically. Export or print dashboards using our online dashboard creator, for offline access.

Deeper analytics

Build new calculations with an intuitive formula engine that offers extensive mathematical and statistical functions.

business dashboard | dashboard creator | Deeper analytics
business dashboard | Accessible across all devices

Accessible across all devices

Access the business performance dashboards you create from PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Business dashboard examples

Sales Dashboards

With sales dashboards, businesses can track revenue growth, team performance, open and closed deals, win%, and many more.

View sales dashboards

Financial Dashboards

With financial dashboards, businesses can track and analyze the balance sheet, sales growth, profit and loss, revenue vs expenses, etc.

View finance dashboards

Project Management Dashboards

With project management dashboards, organizations can track tasks planned and completed, the duration spent per module, and more.

View project dashboards

Marketing Dashboards

With marketing dashboards, businesses can get insights into page traffic and conversion trends, device and geography, etc.

View marketing dashboards

Social Media Dashboards

With social media dashboards, both businesses and influencers can track and analyze page insights, post performance by age and geography, etc.

View social media dashboards

Helpdesk & Support Dashboards

With helpdesk and support dashboards, organizations can analyze the backlogs, SLA, requests by category and priority, average FTR, and more.

View helpdesk dashboards

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"Zoho Analytics enabled us to create KPIs with complex business logics built-in. It's easy enough but at the same time quite powerful for a marketer to use. Personally, it's my number one tool for reporting."

Louis-Dominic Parizeau

Director of Adviso


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Overview of Business Dashboard

What are business dashboards?

  • Business dashboards are powerful tools that consolidate data and reports from various sources into a single visual platform. They provide a comprehensive view of your business performance, enabling you to analyze your data easily and identify key focus areas.

What is the importance of business dashboards?

  • Harnessing the power of a user-friendly dashboard can simplify the intricate nature of business operations. By transforming large data sets into easily understandable insights, these dashboards enable quick decision-making and promote smoother operations.Some other benefits include:
    • Understand your target audience and define the purpose clearly
    • Encourage exploration by maximising interactivity
    • Arrange your insights (reports, KPIs) in a logical sequence
    • Use appropriate visual elements and color schemas for superior UX
    • Ensure the dashboard has everything that your target audience looks for

What should be included in business dashboards?

  • A business dashboard's key components includes:
    • Relevant KPIs and performance reports: These crucial elements assist in decision-making and strategy planning, providing the necessary metrics and data to evaluate business performance.
    • Intuitive and interactive interface: A user-friendly design enables business users to access relevant insights effortlessly. The dashboard should be easy to navigate and understand, allowing users to explore data and visualize information efficiently.
    • Real-time data updates: The dashboard should provide timely updates with clean and relevant data. Real-time data integration allows for up-to-date analysis, enabling swift decision-making based on the latest information.

What are the best practices while creating business dashboards?

  • Here are some of the recommended best practices for creating effective business dashboards:
    • Understand your target audience and define the purpose clearly
    • Encourage exploration by maximising interactivity
    • Arrange your insights (reports, KPIs) in a logical sequence
    • Use appropriate visual elements and color schemas for superior UX
    • Ensure the dashboard has everything that your target audience looks for

What are the benefits of having business dashboard software?

  • With business dashboard software in place, businesses can get
    • Total visibility into their operations
    • Save time in data analysis
    • Improve efficiency
    • Identify trends
    • Derive meaningful insights.
  • These insights can help businesses make informed decisions and plan strategies

Why choose Zoho Analytics for your business dashboards?

  • Zoho Analytics is a top-notch business dashboard solution out in the market. It lets you gather data from multiple sources, choose from various visualization options, analyze data using AI and ML, collaborate, and share reports with your team. It's a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for businesses.