Advanced Visitor Info

Advanced Visitor Information

In the "Visitors online" tab, click on a visitor to view in depth details about him/her. The visitor tile appears in which you can view the trail of the visitor and various other information about the visitor categorized into sub tiles. The following sections would elaborately explain the kind of information that you can extract from the visitor tile. ​

Visitor Availability & Action

The first sub tile would display the availability status and the actions performed by the visitor at that particular instant.

Visitor availability status

The availability status of a visitor can be identified by looking at the thin colour bar right above the first sub tile. Colour codes for the availability status of the visitors are as follows:  

  • Green - The visitor is actively browsing through your website.
  • Orange - The visitor is idle.
  • Grey - The visitor has left your website.

Visitor Action

Top row first sub tile of the visitor tile would display the action performed by that particular visitor at that particular instant. 

  • Contacted - The visitor has been contacted by the operator.
  • Responded - The visitor has replied back to the operator.
  • Triggered - The visitor has set off one or more triggers that were set by you.
  • Waiting - The visitor has initiated a chat and it hasn't been picked by any of the operator yet.
  • Accessed - The visitor has landed and is browsing through your website.
  • Clicked - The visitor has clicked the chat widget on your website.
  • Missed - Chat initiated by the visitor was not picked by any of the operators.
  • Chat Completed - The visitor had already been assisted by an other operator via chat.

Time on Site

Top row second sub tile of the visitor tile would display the total time spent by the visitor on your website.

Visitor chats & visits

Top row third sub tile of the visitor tile would display the number of chats that the visitor has had with your operators in the bygone visits, total number of visits and last seen status of the visitor.

Heads up!!

You can click on the chat count to view the past conversations of that particular visitor.

Visitor location

Bottom row first sub tile of the visitor tile would display the geo-location as well as the IP address of the visitor.

Visitor source page

Bottom row second sub tile of the visitor tile would display the page of your website where the visitor had landed initially. Clicking on this sub tile will direct you to that particular page in a new tab.

Visitor source

Bottom row third sub tile of the visitor tile would display the souce from where your visitor has actually been re-directed to your website as in Ad words, referral, campaigns, social media and search engine. There might be situations where the visitor landed on your website by directly typing in your firm's website URL in such cases this tile would display "Direct".

Tracking Visitor Page Navigation

Onto the right of the of the visitor tile you would find the trail of that particular visitor as in, the pages navigated through by the visitor with the time spent on each web page, actions performed, information about the chats that the visitor has had with the operators like the operator with whom the visitor has had the chat session and we can also view the chat transcript at any point of time by just clicking on the action that says "Chat completed with <operator name>"


Name of the operator who had assisted that particular visitor in his/her last visit would be displayed right above the trail of the visitor along with the current availability status of the operator. 

  1. Time at which the visitor had landed on that particular webpage.
  2. Webpage in which the visitor is currently in.
  3. Time spent on that particular webpage.
  4. "Connected to <operator name>", will be displayed when the visitor chat request has been accepted by that particular operator. 
  5. Once the chat session with the operator is over "Chat completed with <operator name>" will be displayed. Clicking on which you will be displayed with the entire chat transcript of that particular session.
  6. Visitor has left your website.
  7. The operator who had last assisted the visitor via chat.
  8. The status of the last chat attender.
  • Grey – Agent Offline
  • Green – Agent Online
  • Orange – Agent Idle
  • Red – Agent Busy

Other Visitor Information

Onto the top of these sub tiles you would find information like the device used by the visitor to access your website as in mobile, laptop, etc., name of the visitor else a unique ID assigned by SalesIQ to that particular visitor, email address of the visitor if available, country from which the visitor is, browser used by the visitor and the operating system of the device that the visitor has used to access your website.

The star symbol above the name or email address of the visitor indicates that he/she is a frequent visitor of your website.

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