Set Personal Profile

Setup your personal profile

Now you can update your profile with your personal information.You can edit and update all of it. You can update your profile picture for the Visitors to view your appearance.

  1. In My profile, click the Edit Profile button at the top right.
  2. You can enter your name, dob and set the operator availability configurations here.
  3. You can set the language, address, timezone, about me status here and  click Update.
  4. Setup your profile picture by hovering the image and clicking Change Photo in the main page.

Setup your availability status

Like other chat platforms, Zoho SalesIQ has the status update option as well. In Zoho SalesIQ your status controls your availability to chat with customers.

You can switch your availability status by clicking on the toggle bar that you can find in the top right corner before your account name. 

  1. Available: You are online and ready to chat with customers.
  2. Busy: You will not be assigned with any of the incoming chat requests based on routing rules. But you will still be able to see all the incoming chat requests in your dashboard and can answer them if you would like to. 

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