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Reports based on the User Performance

The third section inside the Reporting module, Agents, is a pre-loaded dashboard where you can run and view reports to learn more about your Zoho SalesIQ’s agents and track growth and goals.

In the Agents section, you can configure the data set you generate each report from at the top by selecting which department from your Zoho SalesIQ (or All Departments) you want to view the report for. You can also select the time period you want to run the reports for (Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, or define your own custom range).

Table of Contents

Users Activity Report

The first report in the Users section, is the Users Activity report, which displays all of your user’s vitals in table form. In this report you can view the User Info's like:

  • Total Duration: Time Spent by the user on SalesIQ
  • Total Chats: Number of chats attended by the user
  • Chats Owned: The number of chats owned by the user.
  • Total Chat Time:Total time spent by the user to attend the chats and answer the queries of the visitors.
  • Average Chat Time: Average time spent by the user to complete each chat with the user.
  • Linear Chat Time: Average time spent by the user to respond to the visitors.
  • Multiple Chat Time: Time spent by the user in multiple chat at the same time.
  • Idle Time: Idle time spent by the user in SalesIQ.
  • Average Response Time: Average time spent by the user to respond to the visitors.
  • Missed Chats: Number of chats missed by the user when available online.

You can also view at the bottom of the report, the cumulative totals for your whole Zoho SalesIQ.

You can scroll down and side-to-side if the full report doesn’t fit inside your browser.

Users Rating Report

The next report you can view is the Users Rating report. You can view this report in both Graph and Tabular form. To choose which view you want to display, click either Graph or Tabular at the top-left just above the report’s window.

The Graph view displays a pie graph of your users’ ratings from customers by star. Hover over each section of the graph to see what rating it represents and the percentage it makes up.

The Tabular view, displays a table breaking down all the customer ratings by user. Here you can see an users total chats for the selected period vs. the total number of rated chats, and also see how their rated chats break down by star-rating. At the bottom of the report you can also see the cumulative totals for your Zoho SalesIQ (or selected department).

Users Availability Report

The final report you can view in the Users section, is the Users Availability report. This report also gives you two views (Graph and Tabular).

In the Graph view, accessible by clicking Graph at the top-left of the Users Availability report window, you can visualize your user’s availability across the selected time frame. The graph displays by color each user’s availability, with the green representing the time they were available, the red being the time their status was busy, and yellow representing the time they spent idle inside your Zoho SalesIQ. Only the time an user spends logged into Zoho SalesIQ will be represented on the graph. Any time they are not logged in will appear blank on the graph.

By hovering over a particular section in an agent’s availability graph you can see when that specific section began exactly.

Click Tabular to display a table view by date of each segment of your users’ availability. Here you can see exactly when an agent’s available, busy, or idle status began, when it ended, and thus how long it lasted. Because each change of status is a separate entry in the table, this can become a particularly lengthy report—depending on the defined time period. You can scroll down to continue viewing the details of your users’ availability going backward in time until the beginning of your selected time period.

Users’ Performance Report

Located conveniently inside each agent’s profile page, you can quickly see an agent’s performance report.

To view a particular User’s Performance report:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. In the Users section, click the name of the User you wish to run the performance report for.
  3. In the User’s profile page, scroll down and click Performance Report to display the report.
  4. Change the input data for the reports by clicking the two drop-down menus, one for department filtering, and the other for choosing the time period for the report.
  5. The reports will load automatically.

By default the agent performance report displays an user’s activity across all departments and for the current day—but you can manipulate the input source, either by specifying a particular department, or choosing a different time frame—Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This month or Last month.

User Activity by Hour

On the left you will see a graph of User Activity by hour. This report lets you see which hours of the day this particular agent is busiest, displaying the number of visitors they both Attended Online and Closed for each hour.

User Activity Ratio Report

On the right, you will see the User Activity Ratio report, which displays an User’s chat time vs. their idle time for the defined time period.

User Attended Chats Report

Below you have access to another report, User Attended Chats, which displays the total visitors an user interacted with by department, and breaks down an user’s interactions with visitors by category—attended online (Green), closed (Yellow), and attended by e-mail (Red).

User Rating Report

The last report you can view in the User Performance Report is User Rating. Here you can see how many visitors rated your agent after their live chats, and where the ratings fell on the one-to-five star scale. Each bar represents a star rating your agent received, and the height of each bar indicates how many reviews he got of that particular rating.

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