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The Overview section in the Reports module, is a robust dashboard that gives you a feel for everything going on throughout your entire Live Customer Support Chat operation.

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When you enter the Reports module, by clicking Reports on the left-hand navigation, you will automatically enter the Business Overview dashboard. By default the dashboard will be displaying the reports for the current day only.

Note: In the future, whichever time frame you have last selected from the drop-down menu will be displayed

But you are not limited to only viewing reports for Today only, and it is easy to change the range you run any report on.

How to change the range you run the Business Overview dashboard?

  1. Click Reports.
  2. In the Overview section, click the Drop-Down Menu at the top left.
  3. Choose the pre-defined option you want to run the reports for: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month.
  4. Click whichever time frame you want to view the reports for, or click Choose a Range, to select the exact dates you want to run.

The first two reports you will see are Visitor Status, on the left, and Top Operators, on the right.

Visitor Status Report

The Visitor Status report displays in a bar graph all of your visitors for the defined time of the report—broken down into their status—Attended Online, Attended by E-mail, Closed or Missed. This report displays results for all your departments by default, but you could further filter this report by department, by clicking the drop down menu just above it and clicking the department you wish to view the report for.

Top Operators Report

The Top Operators report, displays the top three Operators for the given time period, displaying their profile photo, name, e-mail and the amount of online and offline visitors they attended. You can also see the operator’s aggregate rating from visitors. From here you can click an agent’s name to view their profile.

Back on the Business Overview dashboard, you can scroll down to view more reports.

Visitors Regions Report

The Visitors Regions report, displays the visitors who have interacted with your Zoho SalesIQ over the defined time period by the country they are located in on a map. The darker green the country, the more visitors from that country. You can hover over particular countries to see the actual visitor count from that country.

Operators Activity Report

To the right of the Visitor Regions report, you have access to the Operators Activity report, which displays the activity of all of your operators throughout the day, for the selected time frame. The red line graph tracks the average amount of visitors attended online for each hour of the day, while the blue line tracks the average amount of visitors’ requests that are closed for each hour. This report is a great way to see what hours of the day your customer support operation is the busiest, and make informed decisions about your resource allocation in the future.

Departments Usage Report

Below, you can find the Departments Usage report, where you can compare the visitors each department attended over the selected time period against the amount of support representatives that are in that department.

Repeated Visitors Report

Discover what percentage of your visitors are new customers versus those who are returning again to seek support through your on-demand customer support software.

Operator Activity Ratio Report

The Operator activity ratio report lets you view the aggregate time your operators spend chatting with visitors against time they sit idle. You can filter this report by department, or view all of your departments together to see the overall activity ratio of your entire live customer support team.


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