Audio Call

The Audio Call

Zoho SalesIQ now gets a new feature, with which you can interact with your customers through audio call. The long chat sessions are not needed anymore, audio call helps your operators to solve the problems quickly.

You can make and receive audio calls, just like a traditional phone. All you need is your computer speakers and microphone or a headset attached to your computer or handset.

Audio call in visitor chat window

The visitor can initiate a call from the chat window and once the operator picks up the call, both will get connected via an audio call. If in case the call gets disconnected, then the visitor can use the Call Again option available in the window to connect back to the operator.

In case if the call goes missed or if the operator cancels, then the visitor gets an option in the chat window to record and send a voice message to the operator.

Audio call in operator chat window

Likewise, the operator can initiate a call from the operator window and once the visitor picks the call, both will get connected via audio call. If the call gets disconnected, they can use the Call Again option to connect back to the visitors.


While enabling the audio do consider the below factors as well:

  • This feature is supported only for for Zoho SalesIQ Enterprise/professional, Zoho one and CRM Plus plans.
  • You can make any number of calls, there is no restrictions.
  • Audio call is supported in Zoho SalesIQ Mobile Apps.
  • Also, this feature is supported only in the new embed code version. If you're using the old embed code, change it right away.
  • Audio call is supported only in the below browser versions:
    • Chrome 23 and above
    • Firefox 22 and above
    • Opera 18 and above
    • Safari 11 and above
  • Your website visitors should be using //https: connection protocol.
  • An ongoing call cannot be transferred to another operator.
  • If an operator joins the ongoing chat while the call is on, then the joining operator cannot join the ongoing call. Also, if the call gets disconnected after the operator joins the chat, then further call cannot be initiated and the option will be disabled (group calling option is not available.)
  • While you monitor the associate's chat you cannot make/join calls. 
  • Operators can answer one call at a time, on picking the new call the ongoing call will get disconnected automatically.
  • You can find the call stats on the reports module under Visitor stats, Top Operator, Operator activity, Department Usage, Visitor Details, Operators sections.
  • You cannot change the call ringing and reconnecting time. By default, it is set as 50 sec for ringing and 30 secs for reconnecting.
  • If you re-load the Zoho SalesIQ page during the ongoing call, the audio call will get disconnected.
  • On ending the ongoing chat, the audio call ends as well

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