Google user data privacy policy

This document describes how Zoho SalesIQ collects, uses, and shares your google data.

Zoho is a company that is built with the privacy of our users at its core. Every product and its functioning is ensured to keep its users' data private and secure. The same goes for Zoho SalesIQ. In Zoho SalesIQ, we put our best effort into keeping our users' data encrypted and secure.

Why do we request your google data?

We request your google data to access the sender's email address that will be used to search the sender's information if present in your SalesIQ portal.   

What data do we request from you?

Our privacy policy limits us to request only the essential data necessary to use the features of SalesIQ. Any data that is unrelated to the operation of our product will not be requested. For the functioning of the Gmail addon, we request only the metadata of the email to identify the sender's email address. 

Where do we store your data?

Zoho SalesIQ does not store any data collected from you. Once the intended function is executed, SalesIQ discards the collected data. 

Where will the collected data be shared?

The collected data will be shared with your Zoho SalesIQ portal alone. 

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