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Thousands of startups and small businesses have entrusted Zoho Payroll with their payroll management

Emerging businesses may be familiar with payroll management strategies like

emerging business
emerging business
Manual Processing
emerging business
Outsourced Payroll
emerging business
Outdated Payroll Systems

which still leaves you with major problems like

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Having to choose between accuracy, timely delivery and compliance

Finding compliance to be a real challenge without proper tech

Not being able to prioritize payroll security

Zoho Payroll helps you process payroll with no compromises, at no charge

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Deliver timely payroll
Set your payroll preferences once and carry them forward by automating your payroll process. This will not just save you time but also ensure error-free payroll calculations, as Zoho's free payroll software can catch mistakes that may slip past the human eye.
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Stay tax compliant
Avoid last-minute calculation errors and comply with Indian statutory payroll laws. Automate deductions for IT, PF, LWF, PT and ESI based on regional laws and regulations.
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Generate forms
No more frantic searches to find the forms you need to file taxes. Download Form 16, Form 24 and Form 12BB automatically for all your employees in the app.
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Directly credit salaries
Pay your employees, whether or not they have third-party salary accounts, through our integrations with YES Bank and HSBC. Their salary will be directly deposited into their accounts, easily and quickly.
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Ensure payroll security
Employee and payroll details are sensitive information. Only your organisation's admin get unrestricted operational access.
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Insightful payroll reports
Manage your payroll with over 20+ reports that you can run to review your payroll information. Drill down into Deductions Reports, Employee's Salary Statements and many others for a clear and concise analysis during audits. You can also upload EPF-ECR reports directly into TRANCE.

You need a fat wallet to get a feature-rich payroll solution

Easy employee onboarding
Easy employee onboarding
Eliminate errors when you import, add, and auto-sync employee details.
Accommodate diverse salary structures
Accommodate diverse salary structures
Define salary components for various designations to fit your organisation's policy.
Schedule paydays
Schedule paydays
Set your firm's payday and pay schedule to compensate your employees on time.
Get notifications
Get notifications
Stay on top of every payroll task for your organisation.

This free payroll software is tailored for up-and-coming Indian business with up to

10 employees
1 user
1 work location

You get more to enhance your payroll management experience

Employee Self Service Portal
Employee Self Service Portal
Share payroll responsibilities with your employees and delegate appropriate tasks to them. They can view payslips, submit Form 16, declare Income Tax and claim reimbursements in this personalised, password-protected online space.
Zoho Books, our accounting software
Zoho Books, our accounting software
Get your payroll transactions recorded automatically into your payroll ledgers with our accounting software, Zoho Books. Stay audit ready with automated bank reconciliation.
Zoho People, our HRM software
Zoho People, our HRM software
Sync employee information, manage leaves and record attendance with our Zoho People integration. This in-house app bridges payroll and HR functions and can be used with a single sign-on.

Caring for your business beyond free payroll software

business care
  • Find resources on our website - Choose from key learning materials like essential business guides, blogs, and FAQs. Find everything you need to learn about payroll with us, hassle-free.
  • Forums and Community Learning Series (CLS) - We offer our customers exclusive forums and CLS sessions to discuss the tips and tricks for running payroll efficiently.
  • Dedicated product support team - Our free payroll software is intuitive, yet our support team is still here to help! You'll be in good hands when you reach out to us for assistance. Email:

Our customers have infinite reasons to love the Free plan!


WOW! Being a startup, I never knew that handling employee salaries can be so easy. Zoho Payroll is just amazing to use. I can never think about switching to another platform.

Deepak Tuli,

Co-Founder, Nevrio Technology Services

Our biggest pain point with handling payroll was managing employee salaries and Zoho Payroll solves this with ease. What I love about it is how seamlessly Zoho Payroll can integrate with the other products we use. Switching to Zoho Payroll has been one of the best decisions we made.

Jerric Lyns John,

Creative Director, Newwton Design

Running a lean startup often means having to do a little bit of everything and we at MDS are always on the lookout for ways to automate our repetitive tasks so that we can focus on the creative work at hand. Zoho Books and Payroll have been instrumental in making this happen. Thank you team Zoho!!

Abraham Jacob Panakal,

Principal Architect, Mandira Design Studio

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