Answers to the "Holiday Email Essentials" Quiz

Know your email engagement levels by checking the right answers. 

1. What's the best strategy to grow your subscriber base?

A. Embed a signup form on all your web pages.

B. Use signup forms on specific pages, and target social media followers.

C. Strike up casual conversations with new people, to bring them aboard.

D. Purchase lists and send emails to engage those people.

2. When it comes to sending targeted emails, what's more important?

A. Using a hygienic mailing list with responsive recipients. 

B. An interesting subject line and complementary pre-header text.

C. Including long and detailed content in all your emails.

D. Both A and B. 

3. How do you prefer sending emails?

A. I always send emails to every subscriber on my list.  

B. I periodically send emails to subscribers who've expressed their consent. 

C. I very rarely send emails to the least-engaged people on my list. 

D. I don't follow a specific way so I send emails as and when I want.  

4. How do you make your email resonate?

A. I fine-tune my emails only upon receiving complaints.   

B. I test multiple attributes of my emails at the same time, before I send them. 

C. I stick to one email attribute at a time, and do specific testing. 

D. I've not taken any steps for this.  

5. What's most important when designing your email?

A. The arrangement of text and images in the layout.  

B. The appearance and placement of calls-to-action.  

C. Including blank spaces. 

D. All of the above.  

6. Which attributes below are associated with email content? 

A. Attention Span.  

B. Actionable Language.  

C. Relevancy. 

D. All of the above. 

7. What can you do to make your email campaign more useful for your subscribers? 

A. Add a lot of images and videos.  

B. Include many calls-to-action.  

C. Provide free informative materials for download. 

D. Make the subject line more interesting. 

8. Your mailing list has lost nearly half of its members. What should you do next? 

A. Rework your subscriber engagement strategy.

B. Send emails to opted-out (do-not-email) members asking why they left.

C. Stop sending emails for a while.

D. Find more subscribers to compensate the loss.

9. How do you think email marketing helps you retain more customers? 

A. I can send surveys to customers and ask for regular feedback.

B. I can conduct events and programs to engage them.

C. I can do both A and B.

D. I don't think email marketing helps in customer retention.

10. What can you do to maintain transparency with your subscribers? 

A. Keep them updated about my company's terms and privacy policy.

B. Give them the option to unsubscribe at any time.

C. Offer mailing list subscription preferences. 

D. All of the above.