Email Automation Workflows to Personalize Customer Engagement 

From welcoming your contacts to engaging them through your journey, creating a good brand impression is only possible with the right plan. Email workflows from Zoho Campaigns help you build strategies that work well for all your email marketing needs. Just pick your strategy, set up a workflow, and activate it, and let email marketing automation do the rest! 

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Simplify your email automation with pre-built workflow templates

Wondering how to lay out the perfect engagement plan for your business? Zoho Campaigns' pre-designed email workflow templates make the task easier than ever. From user onboarding to follow-up emails and re-engagement campaigns, everything you need is at the tips of your fingers. 

Tailor your email workflow with our drag-and-drop builder

Want to draw different paths for your workflow for varied user behavior? You can always customize it by using the drag-and-drop builder. Add actions and messages, define how and when a contact should enter and leave your workflow, and more. 

Build logical journeys

Nurture your contacts with relevant information

Give your contacts the information they want during each stage of the sales funnel. Define your email marketing workflow with elements that let you filter and send emails to your subscribers, assign scores, and more based on their previous interactions. You can also push the data to your CRM software to keep your sales team informed about a contact's progress. 

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Customize your workflow based on recipient responses

Learn how contacts engage with your emails and cater to them based on their interests and behaviors. Reply Tracking feature from Zoho Campaigns lets you track your campaign recipients’ responses and draw unique workflow paths to those who reply to emails. Run targeted workflow actions such as adding them to a different mailing list, sending them a personalized email series, assigning scores, and more.

Build logical journeys

Connect with your ecommerce store audience

Integrate with services like Zoho Commerce and Shopify, and send personalized reminders and purchase follow-up emails to contacts on your online store. Workflow templates on cart abandonment and purchase follow-ups are a boon to ecommerce businesses as they help boost revenue to a larger scale, especially during the holiday season.

Understand your email marketing strategy's performance

Put your email marketing workflow into action and analyze your strategy's success with regular reports. Get insights about the number of contacts that entered your workflow, and their path and progress in the workflow so you can optimize your engagement better.

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