Drive sales better and faster with the Zoho Campaigns-Zoho CRM integration

Zoho Campaigns tightly integrates with Zoho CRM to ensure your sales and marketing automatically and contextually interact with each other. Sync your leads and contacts to Campaigns, qualify or engage them with email marketing, and track the results from within CRM—it's that simple.

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Drive sales better and faster with the Zoho Campaigns-Zoho CRM integration    

Easy, one-time configuration

All the data inside your leads, contacts, and custom modules—including the associated accounts and deals—syncs instantly with Campaigns. Forever. Just configure one sync per module, and you’re set.

Syncs instantlyEasy, one-time configuration

Simple opt-out management

Don’t want to import leads or contacts who opted out from sales emails? Exclude them at the click of a button. Furthermore, Campaigns updates your CRM records when they unsubscribe from your marketing emails.

   Simple opt-out management
Simple opt-out management Opt Out

Campaign sending from anywhere

The integration is so tight that you can even craft and send your email campaigns from inside Zoho CRM.


Vital signals at your disposal

Be it a regular, promotional email or an automation-based nurturing series, any responses are updated in real time inside Zoho CRM to help you tailor your sales communications.

Insightful behavior metrics

The number of email campaigns sent to a lead or contact and their responses are captured and updated at an individual level. This means that you can select a record and understand their preferences before the next sales call. You can also view a campaign’s performance collectively from one place.

 Campaign SummaryVital signals at your disposal overviewVital signals at your disposal summaryVital signals at your disposal list

Spotlight on qualified leads

Zoho Campaigns lets your marketing team build and automate a series of lead-nurturing emails on a “if this happens, do this” basis. They can predefine the system to mark a lead as qualified and push them to CRM when they complete an action or a set of actions in the email series. They can also create and assign tasks to different owners in CRM using the same logic and have them close deals on priority.

 Spotlight on qualified leads spotlightSpotlight on qualified leads configure

Connect Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns and increase your sales

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