Connect with your everyday applications

Zoho Campaigns works with various other services so that you can bring in contact lists and content from the applications that help you run your business. You can also build your own integrations using the Developer API and manage your email marketing campaigns and mailing lists.

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      • Zoho CRM
        Zoho CRM
        CRMLearn More

        Automatically synchronize data between your Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns accounts. View email campaign results inside your CRM account.

      • Bigin by Zoho CRM
        Bigin by Zoho CRM
        CRMLearn More

        Set up immediate or periodic sync with your contact database and engage them with personalized email campaigns.

      • Salesforce
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        Send targeted email campaigns to your leads and contacts from Salesforce. Integrate Zoho Campaigns with Salesforce for better engagement.

      • SugarCRM
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        Import contacts and leads from SugarCRM to your Zoho Campaigns account to plan your future email campaigns and drive more sales.

      • MS Dynamics 365
        MS Dynamics 365
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        Plan your email campaigns by importing leads and contacts from your MS Dynamics 365 account. Also set up periodic syncing of contacts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

      • HubSpot
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        Import contact details from HubSpot modules to your Zoho Campaigns mailing list by setting up sync on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Send out emails to your HubSpot leads and contacts.


      • Zoho Commerce
        Zoho Commerce
        E-commerceLearn more

        Connect your online store with Zoho Campaigns to set up complete email automation, from purchase follow-up emails and reminders to promotional offers and abandoned cart triggers, and so on.

      • Shopify
        E-commerceLearn more

        Let your customers know about the latest arrivals in your store. Drive sales and track purchases from your emails.

      • WooCommerce
        E-commerceLearn more

        Integrate your e-commerce store with Zoho Campaigns to have smooth customer engagement and drive sales via email marketing.

      Integration Platforms

      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow
        Integration PlatformsLearn More

        Bring email marketing as a part of your business workflow. Integrate your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho Flow and connect with 300+ apps that you use for your business.

      • Zapier
        Integration PlatformsLearn More

        Start creating a Zoho Campaigns Zap and connect your Zoho Campaigns account with 2000+ applications to automate your work and boost your productivity

      Survey & Forms

      • Zoho Survey
        Zoho Survey
        Survey & FormsLearn More

        Send surveys created in Zoho Survey to your contacts and also track the results of your survey campaigns.

      • SurveyMonkey
        Survey & FormsLearn More

        Zoho Campaigns integrates with SurveyMonkey so that you can distribute your surveys to customers.

      • Zoho Forms
        Zoho Forms
        Survey & FormsLearn More

        Send forms created using Zoho Forms to your contacts and track the campaign performance from within Zoho Campaigns.

      Webinar & Event Management

      • Zoho Meeting
        Zoho Meeting
        Webinar & Event ManagementLearn More

        Integrate with Zoho Meeting to promote your webinars and get more attendees via email marketing. Also, track the results in Zoho Campaigns.

      • GoToWebinar
        Webinar & Event ManagementLearn More

        Add your webinar contacts into Zoho Campaigns and send follow-up emails with ease. 

      • Zoho Backstage
        Zoho Backstage
        Webinar & Event ManagementLearn More

        Send email campaigns to contacts in your Zoho Backstage account to get more attendees for your upcoming events. Get a detailed analysis of your campaigns and drive your business with Zoho Campaigns.

      • Eventbrite
        Webinar & Event ManagementLearn More

        Send email campaigns to contacts in your Eventbrite account.

      SMS Marketing

      • Bulk SMS
        Bulk SMS
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Send short engaging messages to your leads and contacts in order to build a better relationship with them by integrating Bulk SMS with Zoho Campaigns.

      • Clickatell
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        By integrating Clickatell with Zoho Campaigns, you can send short, engaging messages to your audience to improve your relationship with them.

      • MessageBird
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Integrate Zoho Campaigns with MessageBird to send brief messages to your contacts and engage with them to build a strong connection .

      • MessageMedia
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Reach your customers anytime by integrating your Zoho Campaigns account with MessageMedia.

      • MiSMS
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Create an engaging mobile experience for your contacts by sending them short messages using the Zoho Campaigns and MiSMS integration.

      • Msg91
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Schedule SMS campaigns and send them to the right people at the right time by integrating Zoho Campaigns with Msg91.

      • BurstSMS
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        By integrating Zoho Campaigns with BurstSMS, you can send SMS campaigns to appropriate people at the right time.

      • SMSMagic
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Communicate with your leads and contacts by sending them text messages from Zoho Campaigns by integrating your account with SMSMagic.

      • Twilio
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Send automated SMS campaigns to your audience by connecting Zoho Campaigns and Twilio.

      • Kaleyra
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Integrating Zoho Campaigns with Kaleyra will help you to send engaging content to your contacts for mainitaining better relationship with them.

      • Vonage
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Integrate your Zoho Campaigns account with Vonage to send engaging short messages to your leads and contacts.

      • Elitbuzz
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        Send short personalized and engaging messages to your leads and contacts at the right time with the help of integrating Elitbuzz with Zoho Campaigns

      • NimbusAdcom
        SMS MarketingLearn More

        By integrating Zoho Campaigns with NimbusAdcom, you can send appropriate content to your recipients and engage with them

      Cloud Storage

      • Google Drive
        Google Drive
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Integrate your Google Drive account with Zoho Campaigns. Bring in your content stored on the cloud so as to use them in your future email marketing campaigns.

      • DropBox
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Import content for your email campaigns from documents stored in your Dropbox account.

      • onedrive
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Import content for your email campaigns from documents stored in your OneDrive account.

      • box
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Import content for your email campaigns from documents stored in your Box account.

      • Evernote
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Import contact details from Evernote to add them as contacts in your mailing list. Also, bring in other files as content for your email campaigns.

      • Zoho Workdrive
        Zoho Workdrive
        Cloud StorageLearn More

        Import contacts stored in Zoho Workdrive to Zoho Campaigns to send email campaigns and eliminate the need to switch between different applications

      Image Hubs

      • Google Photos
        Google Photos
        Image HubsLearn More

        Add images stored in your Google Photos account to your Zoho Campaigns library and use them in your email campaigns.

      • Flickr
        Image HubsLearn More

        Add images stored in your Flickr account to your Zoho Campaigns library and use them in your email campaigns.

      • Giphy
        Image HubsLearn More

        Add some interesting GIFs in your emails to keep the attention of your readers.


      • Zoho Analytics
        Zoho Analytics
        AnalyticsLearn More

        Import your contacts from Zoho Analytics to Zoho Campaigns while you also get more insights about your campaign activities inside Zoho Analytics.

      • Google Analytics
        Google Analytics
        AnalyticsLearn More

        Track the results of your email campaigns inside your Google Analytics account.

      Video Marketing

      • Wistia
        Video MarketingLearn More

        Import videos from Wistia and add them to your email campaigns. Get the details of your contacts who viewed the video and re-engage with them via emails.

      • YouTube
        Video MarketingLearn More

        Link YouTube videos in your email templates and send video email campaigns.

      • Vimeo
        Video MarketingLearn More

        Link Vimeo videos in your email templates and send video email campaigns.

      Customer Service

      • Zoho Desk
        Zoho Desk
        Customer ServiceLearn More

        Now, import end-users from specified organizations or tags in Zoho Desk as contacts to Zoho Campaigns account for sending out emails.

      • Zendesk
        Customer ServiceLearn More

        Log in to your Zendesk account and integrate with Zoho Campaigns to import contacts and send email campaigns to them.

      Contact Management

      • Zoho Recruit
        Zoho Recruit
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Pull in candidate details from Zoho Recruit and follow up with them using Zoho Campaigns.

      • Zoho Creator
        Zoho Creator
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Send email campaigns to contacts stored in your Zoho Creator account.

      • Zoho Contacts
        Zoho Contacts
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Add your Zoho Mail contacts to the Zoho Contacts application. Develop business relationships with them by sending marketing newsletters, updates and more.

      • Zoho Invoice
        Zoho Invoice
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Import customer details from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Campaigns and send out invoice details, payment reminders, credit notes, and more.

      • Zoho Books
        Zoho Books
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho Campaigns to pull in customer/vendor/supplier details and send follow-up emails.

      • PayPal
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Bring in contacts from PayPal and send them payment reminders and notification emails. 

      • Office 365
        Office 365
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Import your Office 365 contacts into a mailing list in Zoho Campaigns and run targeted email campaigns.

      • Unbounce
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Set up a sync to import contacts from Unbounce to your mailing list inside Zoho Campaigns, and send out email campaigns to these contacts.

      • Google Contacts
        Google Contacts
        Contact ManagementLearn More

        Sync your Zoho Campaigns account with Google contacts in order to import contacts from your Gmail account and start sending them engaging email campaigns

      More Integrations

      • Google Captcha
        Google Captcha
        More IntegrationsLearn More

        Prevent spam bots from affecting your mailing list by activating Google Captcha while you create a signup form in Zoho Campaigns.

      • Wordpress
        More IntegrationsLearn More

        Convert your blog visitors to contacts. Add Zoho Campaigns forms to your blogs.

      • Litmus
        More IntegrationsLearn More

        See instant preview of how your emails appear on different devices, browsers, and email clients. 

      • Gravatar
        More IntegrationsLearn More

        Integrate your Zoho Campaigns account with Gravatar to fetch and display your contact's Gravatar profile image in smart and detailed views of contact information.