Email surveys for higher response rates

Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Survey, the survey-builder app from the Zoho family, to send different types of survey email campaigns including Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Research, Employee Evaluation and many more.

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Templates for your survey campaigns

Zoho Campaigns provides survey email templates that are specially designed for your surveys. Craft your email content, add it to the survey template, and send it out. Recipients will be routed to the right survey by clicking the template’s call-to-action (CTA) button.

  Survey Template

Choose your favorite survey templates

Chatter Survey Feedback
Deem Survey Thoughts
Babble Survey let us know

Responsive email templates for mobile-optimized surveys

Surveys created in Zoho Survey are automatically optimized for mobile phones. To ensure any survey email template you send that asks the user to participate in the survey is optimized too, Zoho Campaigns gives you a number of pre-designed smart and responsive templates for survey distribution.

Reports to measure performance

Once a campaign is sent, check the reports in your Zoho Campaigns account to view the survey results and plan future survey email campaigns. You can see the number of surveys delivered, opened, and clicked; the number of contacts who completed, started, or didn’t start the survey; and the responses given by each contact—all at once.

Survey complete survey
Survey data status
Survey status

A/B Testing for better open rates

Two different survey email campaigns can be tested at the same time to understand which one performs better and analyze what does and doesn’t work for your audience. Once the winning version is decided, send it to the rest of your audience group and create a better email experience.

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Work from a single place

Zoho Campaigns also connects with Zoho CRM, so you can smoothly send out survey email campaigns to customer lists stored in your CRM account. Find your surveys, customer data, and email templates all in one place.

Integrate and start getting the feedback you need to grow

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