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SMS campaigns pricing

Send SMS campaigns to your audience in the US and Canada using Zoho Campaigns' own gateway. Buy SMS credits based on your sending volume.

  • 1000 credits for
  • 2500 credits for
  • 5000 credits for
  • 10000 credits for
  • 25000 credits for
  • 50000 credits for
  • 100000 credits for
  • 250000 credits for
  • 500000 credits for
  • 1000000 credits for

How many SMS messages do you want to send?

Number of credits required: Cost: 0 /month

Note: For the US and Canada, one SMS consumes four credits. A long code number comes at .

Frequently asked questions

  • What will happen to my unused SMS credits?

    Unused SMS credits will be carried forward to the next subscription period.

    Use case

    If a user has purchased 5,000 credits and has used only 3,000 credits in the current subscription period, the unused 2,000 credits will be added to the next subscription period.

    SMS Credits addedCredits usedUnused credits
    May5,000 ( + 2,000 )
  • Can I send transactional messages using Zoho Campaigns SMS gateway?

    No, you will not be able to send transactional messages. You can only send marketing and promotional messages for now.