Campaign Management

Create and schedule email campaigns

Create your email campaigns in a jiffy using our pre-designed templates, review them with our compliance team, and send them right away or schedule them for later.

Contact Management

Add or import contacts to your email list

Save your contact details in your mailing list and store more information about them or create and add new contacts from anywhere, anytime.

Add contacts manually Add contacts manually
Live Dashboard

Keep information at your fingertips

View details of sent campaigns and contact profiles, including their device, mailing list(s) they’re part of, custom fields assigned, and so on—all with ease.

Get a focused view of your account

Get a detailed list of recently sent campaigns and contacts in your mailing list right from the dashboard.

Focussed view of your account
Focussed view of your account
Focussed view of your account
Narrow your search
Narrow your search

Narrow your search

Use the global search option and keep all information such as your campaigns, mailing lists, and active contacts accessible in one place.

Reports and Notifications

Configure pop-ups and track detailed insights

Receive instant notifications about your campaigns' status and measure their metrics to track the progress of your email marketing efforts.

Interactive Interface

Use gestures and commands to navigate

Perform desired actions and outputs with touch-based commands. From pinching and tapping to zooming and tilting and many others, you can navigate with ease.

Hey Siri,

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Recruit Siri to assist you

Give the right voice commands, and Siri does the heavy lifting to help you achieve your email marketing goals.

Choose your convenient language

Zoho Campaigns's mobile version is multilingual and therefore you can set the preferred language and carry out email marketing.

  • Hallo
  • Hello
  • Bonjour
  • Привет
  • Hola
  • こんにちは
Multilingual app

Your vision is our focus. It matters to us.

VoiceOver to read to you

Our visually impaired users can turn to our VoiceOver feature to listen to the content of their account out loud as they navigate it and manage their email marketing strategies.

Listen Audio

Fine tune the font size

Dynamic font size helps you adjust the size of what you're reading and scale your textual content according to your comfort level and liking.

Multilingual app
Dynamic font large
Dynamic font medium
Dynamic font small

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