Zoho Campaigns for iPhone

Manage your email campaigns with just a few taps. View campaign results, check the growth of your mailing lists or even share reports with a colleague — all from your iPhone!
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Monitor Campaign Performances

You don't have to be logged in to your web app to check the results of a campaign that was sent out. Location based email opens, user agent reports or social media reach - detailed reports tell you everything about your campaign's performance. You can also share reports via email if you want to have a quick discussion with a colleague.

Manage Contacts and Subscriber Lists

Check on your mailing lists, look at subscribers around your location, add contacts or create a new mailing list. You get the complete picture of your mailing lists!


Work Offline

Manage contacts, lists and campaigns even when you are not connected to a network. You might talk to a customer who shows an interest in your products and wants to receive your newsletters. You can quickly add the email address to one of your mailing lists. Updates will automatically sync when you reconnect to a network.

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