Manage consent. Improve engagement.

If you are looking to achieve better email engagement rates, you have to keep all your subscriber data up-to-date and reach out to only those who have expressed their interest in hearing from you. With Zoho Campaigns, you will be able to do permission-based email marketing and earn a good reputation for your brand.

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Getting in touch with the implied subscribers

You might have manually added a bunch of subscribers to your list—it could be your event attendees, frequent buyers, or other people you meet. Before sending them newsletters or any promotional materials, it is important to obtain their consent. So, first send an email asking for their explicit consent.

Consent email campaign

Detailed view of subscriber activity

Get a comprehensive report of your consent campaigns. See who has given their consent and who has not. You can then send a series of emails to the inactive subscribers and see if you can rekindle their connection with your brand. You are also purging your mailing list of all dormant subscribers and boosting your deliverability success. 

Managing contact preference