Payments Made

Payments Made

The payments you make to your Vendors in exchange for a supply can be recorded in the Payments Made module of Zoho Books. Each time a payment is made to your Vendor, you record a receipt for the payment with details such as date, payment mode and amount. This lets you track the money moving out of your business. 

You can also view the payments made to your vendors from the Bills tab. Click the particular Bill and navigate to the Payments Made tab present near the Comments and History tab to view details of the payment alongside the Bill.  

Recording Payments

Recording the payments in Zoho Books is easy. Even if you forget how much you owe to your vendor, Zoho Books gives you the exact log of payments to be made and keeps you updated. 

There may be cases where you might have received a Bill from your vendor and you can choose to make partial payments for the same. So each time you record a payment in Zoho Books, the amount due gets automatically adjusted. So, while Zoho Books takes care of your cash, you can take care of your business. 

To record a Payment:

Payments Made

Fields Description
Vendor Name The vendor to whom the payment is made.
Amount  The amount paid.
Bank Charges Amount charged by the bank for the payment made. This will be exclusive of the bill value.
Payment Date  The date on which the payment is recorded.
Payment Mode  The mode of money payment.
Paid Through The account from which money is paid.
Reference# Reference number for the payment, if any. 

Bill Payment

Other Actions

The other actions that you can do in this module of Zoho Books are as follows. You will be able to find the other actions section at the top of every transaction. The following are the actions:

Edit - Click the Pencil icon to edit a payment. 

Attach file- Click the Paperclip icon to attach any documents to the receipts. 

Print - Print a copy of the payment receipt by clicking the Print icon.

PDF - Download and save a copy of the payment receipt simply clicking the PDF icon. 

Custom Views

Custom Views are specific views to list your payments, based on your criteria. For example, you might want to view a payment on a selected date. With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter, set criteria and use it to classify data.

To create one, 

Custom View

Edit View

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