Generate ABA File

ABA files (Australian banking association) are used by major financial institutions in Australia to make payments from one bank account to one or multiple accounts. Once you’ve generated an ABA file in Zoho Books, you can upload it in the respective bank’s portal to make the payment.

To generate an ABA file in Zoho Books:

Generate ABA file

Insight: If you’ve already added your bank details in the Banking module, you can select them from the dropdown.

Generate ABA file

If the vendor’s bank details have already been added in the vendor details page, it will be automatically populated in the Generate File section. However, you can add it from the vendor details account dropdown.

Add New

Once you’ve entered all the details, you can click Generate to generate the ABA file or click Generate and Record Payment to generate the file and record payment for the bills

Warning: If you click only Generate, the ABA file will be generated, but the payment will not be recorded. You’ll have to record the payment manually again.

Transaction Details

Add Vendor Bank Details in Vendor Details Page

You can add the vendor’s bank details in the vendor details page of an existing vendor. Here’s how:

Add Bank Account Bank Details
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