GoCardless is a UK based Direct Debit provider. Integrating GoCardless with Zoho Books enables you to easily collect one-off or recurring invoices via Direct Debit - putting you in control of your cashflow. Your customers will be able to set up the Direct Debit mandate and pay the invoices that you send using the link in the email or through the client portal.

Using this integration, you can receive payments denominated in GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and NZD.

Things to Remember:

contacts page

Connecting GoCardless with Zoho Books

Setting up the integration with GoCardless will enable your customers to make payments through the Client Portal. To configure GoCardless:

Existing GoCardless Users

Connect to GoCardless page Connect to GoCardless page

New GoCardless Users

New user New user

Other Actions


You can change the header content of the payment page by changing the Mandate Description. To change the mandate description:



Note: Your organisation’s name will be displayed by default if no mandate description is provided.


Mandate Sync

Direct debit sync in GoCardless allows you to fetch your customers’ mandate details from your GoCardless account to your Zoho Books account.

Here are a few things you should remember while enabling Direct Debit Sync:

To enable Mandate Sync:


Reconciliation helps you keep track of GoCardless transactions along with the fees levied on each transaction. The amount for all invoices paid via GoCardless will fall into your GoCardless Clearing account. Enabling Reconciliation lets you track the amount you actually receive in your account and the amount that is being withheld as transaction fee.​

To enable reconciliation:


Details Description
Account Where GoCardless Transfers The Money
You can map your bank accounts in which you receive payments from GoCardless.
Fees Account
This account tracks the fees charged by GoCardless for the transactions processed through their payment gateway. By default, the label is GoCardless Fees. This account will be of type Expense.
Sales Account
This account tracks the total sales that happened through GoCardless transactions on your GoCardless account. By default, the sales account is selected. This account will be of type Income.


Monitoring GoCardless Clearing in Zoho Books:

The GoCardless clearing account in the Banking module will give you insights on the transactions such as the sales, fees, refunds and the amount transferred to your account on a daily basis. If there is any pending amount that GoCardless owes you, it will be shown as Amount in Zoho Books on the main tab.


This can also be viewed from the Banking main window:


Transactions Involved in GoCardless Clearing Account:

Type Description
Sales without Invoices Total amount of previous day’s consolidated sales processed through your GoCardless account.
GoCardless Fees The fees GoCardless charged for every transaction processed through their service.
Transfer Fund The amount GoCardless deposits in your bank account.
Customer Payment The amount received for the invoices sent via Zoho Books.

You can edit the accounts configured with GoCardless or choose to disable the GoCardless feeds.


Transaction History

You can view the list of all your transactions under Transaction History. To do so:


Remove Integration

To disable the GoCardless integration:

Remove Integration

If you had removed/disabled the integration at GoCardless, you can click Re-connect and enable the integration once again.

Making payments through Client Portal

Your clients can view the list of invoices sent by you in the portal. Here’s what they’ll have to do:

Client Integration

Insight: Customers can also choose to save their account details for future transactions by checking the Use this Direct Debit mandate for future transactions option.

Client Integration 3

Client Integration 2

The next time your customer wants to pay for an invoice, they can either pay using an already saved account or use another account.

Client Integration 4

Automatic Payment Collection

Once your customers have saved their account details, you will be able to set up automatic payment collection for your recurring invoices.

Transaction Charges

The online transaction fees are levied by GoCardless. Check out GoCardless’s pricing page to view the transaction charges.

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