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Remote desktop software is one that gives technicians across the world access to remote devices. To find one that works well for all popular operating systems isn't that common. Zoho Assist, fits the bill, catering to all your organizational needs, from troubleshooting a remote desktop to configuring devices for unattended remote access, all from a single console.

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Wondering what to look for in remote desktop tool?

Remote desktop software is a technology that gives IT technicians the ability to access their customer's device remotely for maintenance and support. However, it's tricky to find a standalone software that has remote support and unattended access, and that suits your organizational needs. Ideally, remote desktop access software should contain strong safeguards for your data and an extensive feature list that helps your team troubleshoot faster.

Apart from these options, remote PC access software must also offer you customization options, so you can shape it to fit your brand identity.

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How does Zoho Assist encourage customers' trust?

Customers expressing their concern to let a technician access their device over a remote connection is genuine and understandable. Building trust with a customer would therefore be the foremost step in remote troubleshooting.

Keeping in mind remote connections can pose privacy risks, security and data protection should be the top priority. With SSL encryption and 256-bit AES encryption, inactive session timeout, data anonymization, and other data protection options. Zoho Assist is secure remote desktop software that gives customers good reasons to trust your service by ensuring safe and secure connections to remote desktops.

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Features that add something extra to a remote connection software

To resolve issues on a remote desktop, technicians need a lot more than just access to it. A technician performs several tasks during a session to resolve issues on a remote desktop. Zoho Assist has features that help you with faster troubleshooting, including file transfer, live chat, multi-monitor navigation, screen sharing, and support for multiple technicians.

File Transfer

Zoho Assist offers file transfer options to help technicians with operations like software installations, patch updates, and driver installations. File transfer in Zoho Assist does not use intermediate FTP or cloud-based storage devices, which are susceptible to data theft.

Transfer files using remote desktop software


Continuous interaction between a technician and a customer during remote computer control ensures faster analysis of the issue and faster troubleshooting. In Zoho Assist, a technician and customer can chat with each other from their consoles, avoiding the hassle of external chat applications.

Chat during remote desktop session

Multi-monitor Navigation

Your customer might be working with multiple monitors, and asking them to navigate between them each time you need to see another monitor will get in your way. Zoho Assist offers you shortcuts from the technician console to navigate between multiple monitors of the remote computer.

Monitor remote desktops

Swap Screen

While on a remote session, technicians can broadcast their screen to the customer by reversing the shared screen. This helps technicians demonstrate installations or train the customer on a particular aspect of the product. Showing customers how to solve simple issues on their device can also save you time by preventing repeated calls to your support team while establishing a remote desktop connection

Swap screen feature in remote desktop software

Support a remote desktop with your brand name.

Big corporations are often hesitant to support their clients from an app with another company's brand. Zoho Assist offers you rebranding options so you can use your company's name, logo, favicon, and a customized portal URL. You can customize the emails sent to customers and also configure the sender's email address, along with reply-to and CC email addresses in your remote desktop solution.

Rebrand your remote desktop solution

Clutter-free interface: Minimalist design for faster navigation.

Working with a user interface with too much information causes problems. Remote customers usually expect issue resolution in the fastest possible timeframe. A complex user interface makes technicians search through information they don't need, which naturally delays the troubleshooting process. Zoho Assist remote desktop control software offers you a clutter-free user interface that even first-timers can navigate easily.

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Learn from the past and track your growth.

A large organization will have a lot of activities to keep track of. In such a case, a super-admin has a difficult task at hand, to know what's going on in the organization. Reports in Zoho Assist give a super-admin or manager a detailed view of all the activities carried out in the organization.

Session metrics available in Reports include:

  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Session Video
  • Session Title
  • Customer's operating system, IP address, and email address
  • Technician's name, email address, and operating system
  • Viewer type
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Along with these metrics, you can also choose various custom views to see how your organization is performing. Different custom views available for remote support and unattended access in Zoho Assist are based on:

  • Session duration
  • Technician by session count
  • Technician by session duration
  • Session count

Session duration

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Technician by session count

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Technician by session duration

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Session count

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Why choose Zoho Assist for remote desktop access?

Buying remote desktop software or choosing free remote desktop software by just looking into the long list of features or a quick demo is a big risk. Zoho Assist offers you a 15-day trial period during which you can work with our feature-rich enterprise plan, with an unlimited number of technicians and unattended computers.

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