A Perfect Remote Support Toolbox

Zoho Assist offers a perfect support toolbox to support your remote customers easier and simpler. We have crafted the software taking in to consideration of the most needed features and have avoided unnecessary clutter. Check out these features that act like a Swiss knife for your support needs. Learn More

Simple and Secure

The uniqueness of our remote support software lies in its simplicity. Be it the easiest browser-based, on-demand option to join a session or the multiple invite options to get in your customer to the session, things get done simple and hassle-free. And, it works well beyond all major proxies/firewalls. At the same time, it's shielded with industry standard security. Learn More

Goodies to make Supporting Easier

We also offer goodies that add maximum value to your support needs. You have the option to embed your support widget in your website or blog, get detailed reports of the sessions conducted, a native desktop plugin to ensure easy and quick initiation of sessions and reach out to a support person live for any help. Learn More

Remote Support - On the Go!

Our free iPad app holds the magic touch to support your customers on the go. All you need is to create a free account in Zoho Assist. It's as easy as supporting from a desktop at your workstation. You can create instant sessions, control the remote computer, take screen shots and also can handle multiple monitors. Currently, you can support desktops/computers with this app.


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