Browser based access

The entire remote support session can be handled from your favorite web browser itself. It means you can help troubleshooting anyone who has the most basic skill of using a web browser and whose computer is connected to the internet.


Easy connection options

Inviting your customers is much easier. You can send an in-built email Invitation to your customers who can join the session with a single click. You can also choose to send the session link through any IM/chat/Email or you can guide your customers to enter the respective session id at the join session page.


Industry standard security

The exchange of data during a session takes place through industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocols. In simple words, your sessions are extremely safe and secure from any eavesdropping or tampering with the shared data.


Firewall/Proxy transparency

The connection process a breeze whatever be the firewall or proxy configuration at your customer's end. This ease of firewall traversal helps you to establish effective remote support session by avoiding unnecessary technical hassles of allowing exceptions in your customer's proxy or firewall configuration. It also doesn't compromise internet security though.


Instant messaging

You can converse live with your customers through the instant messaging panel from your remote support user interface. This helps you to not get diverted to any other external messaging services in assisting your client.


Embed remote support widget

You can have your customers join a support session from your own web site by embedding the offered remote support widget. This makes it more easy, safe and comfortable from your customers' perspective with focus of attention and branding on your service.


Windows, Mac, Linux support

Zoho Assist works with computers running on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Remote connections can be made between any combination of operating systems (Windows-Mac, Mac-Linux, Linux-Windows etc.). You do not have to tweak with any settings to connect to a desktop running on a different OS.


Browser compatibility

Zoho Assist is compatible with all popular browsers namely, Internet Explorer (IE 6.0+), Firefox (FF 2.0+) and Safari / Chrome (with Java plug-in). You have the flexibility to perform your actions from the browser you are most comfortable with.


Desktop plug-in

You can opt to use the Desktop plug-in (for Windows and Mac) to initiate and conduct your support sessions faster. Additionally, you can resume a previous session with just a click.


Simple, Effective and Affordable Remote Support

Provide efficient remote support to your customers using our feature packed application.