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Remote Desktop is a feature that allows users to access their remote devices over a network, usually the internet. Users can access, control, and manage remote computers in no time just as if they were sitting at the computer themselves. Zoho Assist offers best-in-class remote desktop solutions to customers right from SMBs to huge corporations.

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What is a remote desktop ?

Remote desktop software can be used to access, control, and share your system from a remote location, almost like you're operating it sitting in front of the device. Zoho Assist is a simple and efficient lightweight remote desktop software that enables a secure and instant remote connection.

Simplify your Remote Desktop experience

Remote desktop software should be easy to understand, while ensuring smooth connectivity. Zoho Assist is one of the best remote desktop software that offers secure, cloud-based access to remote desktops through an intuitive user interface. With Assist's cross-platform compatibility, you can connect with remote desktops running any major operating system(Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Android/ iOS), regardless of which one you're using on your end to connect to remote desktop. With Assist, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues, so you can get right to work, every time.

Remote desktop for Windows, Mac, Linux - Zoho Assist

Improve your workplace efficiency with a remote desktop tool.

Zoho Assist, remote desktop connection software allows you to access, control, and manage individual remote workstations in an instant with seamless connectivity. However, when it comes to internal asset management in large corporations, it would be time-consuming to manage and troubleshoot devices individually. To tackle this issue, Zoho Assist, remote desktop app offers mass deployment facilities in which users can configure a large number of devices grouped under a single entity, such as a domain or a workgroup, and troubleshoot devices in a jiffy.

Windows remote desktop - Zoho Assist

Establish a secure remote desktop connection.

Zoho Assist, remote access software runs on state-of-the-art, industrial standards SSL and AES (256-bit) encryption to establish a secure connection with your remote desktops. We also take necessary steps to ensure that all remote connections, along with data transfers, are secured with end-to-end encryption. Moreover, we provide users with the option to blacken the screen on the remote desktop to ensure privacy while accessing your workstation located in an open environment. You can enable our inactive session time-out to end idle remote sessions after a set amount of time.

Remote desktop manager software - Zoho Assist

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Is Remote Desktop tool secure?

Yes. Our remote desktop tool runs on state-of-the-art, industrial standards SSL and AES (256-bit) encryption to establish a secure connection with your remote desktops. Learn more


Can I transfer files using a remote desktop tool?

Yes. You can transfer files using our remote file transfer feature. Learn more


How to restart a remote desktop?

You can restart your remote desktop with the reboot and reconnect option available in Zoho Assist. Learn more


Can I access my remote desktop from my phone?

Yes, you can access your remote desktop directly from your mobile phone using Zoho Assist's mobile application. Learn more

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