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What is an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)?

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a traditional method developed by Microsoft for connecting computers over a network. Your computer must be compatible with RDP Client software to implement RDP for connectivity purposes within the terminal server.

Why you need an alternative to traditional RDP?

Complex setup process
End-user visibility
High maintenance
Security and privacy risks
Windows remote desktop alternative - Zoho Assist

Why is Zoho Assist the best alternative to RDP in 2023?

Although Windows RDP offers free remote connectivity, it leaves your device vulnerable to security and privacy risks and only allows you to perform a limited set of actions. It also doesn't support the latest operating systems, such as Windows 10 and so on. By using Zoho Assist - remote desktop service, you can enhance your remote connectivity without compromising on user security and privacy.

Can I use a VPN as an alternative to an RDP?

VPN may help you conduct your businesses remotely. However, that comes at a cost. Not all VPNs are affordable, and setting up a VPN for an entire organization can be unwieldy and burdensome. Our simple and secure RDP alternative lets tackle these challenges in no time.

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How to choose the best among several RDP Alternatives?

When choosing the best RDP alternative in the market, it is essential to consider the features, tools, and security it offers. Zoho Assist is one such highly reliable alternative to RDP, offering an array of enhanced features listed below to provide an ideal user experience.


File Transfer:

Quickly send and receive files up to 2GB during an active remote support session using Assist's File Transfer feature.


Session Recording:

Record all your remote support or unattended access sessions with the Session Recording option. All your recordings will be stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time.


Session Scheduling:

Schedule remote access sessions at your customer's convenience using our windows RDP alternative. By providing a few details, such as the date, time available, and the issue to be rectified, the customer can request a session, and a technician will be quickly designated.


Multi-Monitor Navigation:

Access multiple monitors on the remote user's end with the Multi-Monitor Navigation feature. Technicians can choose a view type and disable or enable notifications as needed through our RDP replacement.


Remote Printing:

Easily print documents during an ongoing remote support session using the Remote Printing option available in the Session tab in Zoho Assist - a secure RDP alternative.


User Management:

This feature helps organization administrators create departments, assign custom roles, manage access, and more.


Screen Sharing:

Conduct seamless demos with the Share My Screen option. Technicians can share their screens with a customer at any time.


Audio and video chat:

Communicate through multiple chat options, such as audio, video, and text during an active session.

How can I leverage Zoho Assist as the best Windows RDP alternative?

Powerful, simple setup

Zoho Assist, your windows RDP alternative is easy to implement and use. With our on-demand remote support or unattended remote access, you can initiate an instant remote connection directly from your desktop. Zoho Assist - one of the best multi-platform supported free RDP alternatives, also comes with full-featured remote tools. Those tools let you navigate between multiple monitors, transfer files remotely, share your screen, and record your sessions.

Zero maintenance

Zoho Assist, your alternative to remote desktop protocol(RDP) offers a zero maintenance promise, eliminating the need for frustrating physical updates. We provide a simple, clutter-free user interface to conduct your day-to-day remote troubleshooting in peace. By using Zoho Assist as an RDP alternative, you can scale your remote connectivity. Our proprietary distributor technology makes it easy to enroll a large number of devices for unattended remote access. This helps you quickly scale your IT support operations, whether you're an SMB or a large enterprise.

Seamless remote connectivity

Zoho Assist, remote desktop alternative allows quick connectivity between remote desktops without the need for additional downloads. Using our browser-based console, you can:

  • ➤ Perform remote diagnostic operations
  • ➤ Wake your remote desktops on LAN
  • ➤ Offer interactive training using annotations
  • ➤ Generate comprehensive audit reports
  • ➤ Provide 24/7 support via voice and video chat

These features will help you conduct your remote support operations efficiently.

Security and privacy

Zoho Assist - one of the best alternatives to remote desktop, guarantees airtight security to all your remote connectivity using the latest TLS 1.2, 256-bit AES protocols. We are also proxy friendly and traverse through all major firewalls with ease. With our two-factor authentication and SMS-based OTP verification, you can carry on all of your support sessions without worrying about malicious threats online. To protect your privacy, you can blacken the screen of your workstation while accessing it remotely using Zoho Assist - windows remote desktop. We also anonymize all personally identifiable information while you're using our remote connectivity services to protect your privacy. Know more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01.How can I see who's using remote desktop?

You can check for usage stats via your notifications and log activities. This way you can protect yourself from malicious threats online.

02.What services need to be running for remote desktop?

You need enable Run as Service operation for you to use your remote desktop software.

03.Is there a free RDP alternative?

You can use a remote desktop connection tool available online for free instead of an RDP. Zoho Assist is one option that offers a life-time free remote access as an alternative to RDP.

04. Is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) unsafe?

Although RDP is safe, Zoho Assist remote desktop connection offers higher level of security protocols that will allow you to initiate a completely secure remote support connection anytime. Click here to know more about the security attributes we have employed in Assist - best windows remote desktop alternative.

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