Setting Up Windows Remote Desktop Connection: A Step-by-Step Guide

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    Getting started

    • To get started, signup for Zoho Assist with your email address, or if you're already a Zoho user, click on Access Zoho Assist to get started.
    • For first time users, we offer a 15-day trial with all our enterprise features.
    • After 15 days, Zoho Assist remains free for personal use.
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    Initiating a remote support session

    • You can initiate an instant on-demand remote support session, click Start Now, or click Schedule to conduct a session at another time.
    • After you have initiated a remote support session, there are three ways you can invite a person at the remote end.
    • You can send an SMS or email invitation, ask the customer to navigate to to join the session, or you can send them the join link through the chat messenger of your choice.
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    Connecting to the remote desktop

    • Upon receiving the invite, your customer can join the session through one of the methods mentioned in Step 2.
    • Install the lightweight agent to give you complete access to the remote desktop.


Remote Desktop Connection Made Easy Across Multiple Platforms and Devices

Setting up a remote desktop connection can be challenging due to the various machines and operating systems in use. The user interface and multi-platform compatibility are significant factors in selecting a remote desktop app. With Zoho Assist - remote desktop assistant, these requirements are covered, allowing you to connect to remote devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.


Top Features of Windows Remote Desktop Connection Software

On-demand remote support

With Zoho Assist's on-demand Windows remote desktop connection, you can easily access and share your screen with remote customers without prior installation on their end. This reduces the time required to connect to Windows remote desktops, making the process faster and more efficient.

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Remote desktop connection Windows 10 - Zoho Assist Remote desktop connection - Zoho Assist
Set up a remote connection on Windows - Zoho Assist Remote desktop connection software - Zoho Assist

Unattended remote access

Configure large groups of devices for unattended remote access connections at once using our unique mass deployment concept, which helps large corporations manage their remote assets efficiently. Install a lightweight unattended access agent on the remote machine and diagnose your Windows remote computers using native diagnostic operations quickly.

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Customize Your Windows Remote Desktop Connection Software to Match Your Brand

For businesses of all sizes, it's important to have a remote desktop connection software that reflects your brand's values and priorities. With our custom branding solutions, you can fully rebrand your Windows remote desktop software and create an authentic look and feel that seamlessly integrates with your organization. This enables you to connect to a remote desktop and manage your remote access machines under your brand name. Our users can customize their emails and portal URL to align with their brand, establishing a sense of trust and credibility with their customers.

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Remote desktop connection manager - Zoho Assist Remote desktop connection app - Zoho Assist
Remote desktop connection software - Zoho Assist Remote desktop connection software - Zoho Assist

Effortlessly Integrate Help Desk Solutions with Zoho Assist

When it comes to customer support, having Windows remote desktop software with integrated help desk solutions is crucial. Zoho Assist offers seamless integration with the top help desk software providers, including Servicenow, Zendesk, Jira, and Zoho Desk. In addition, we provide customized solutions such as APIs and a mobile software development kit to enhance and optimize your remote desktop connection service.

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Establish Secure Remote Desktop Connection

Zoho Assist's cloud-based Windows remote desktop connection software ensures smooth access to connected devices across major proxies and firewalls. It's a must-have tool for IT teams that manage remote access from different locations. Our end-to-end SSL and 256-bit AES encryption guarantee data security and user privacy for every connection made over Assist. Keep track of all remote support activities in your organization with our Action Log Viewer, and easily identify any issues. For added security, we also provide two-factor authentication with one-time password verification.

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Establish secure remote desktop connection with Zoho Assist Establish secure remote desktop connection with Zoho Assist

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Access Your Remote Assets Anytime, Anywhere!

With the Zoho Assist mobile app, you can establish and manage remote desktop connections on the go, directly from your mobile device. Stay connected with your remote assets and provide support to your customers no matter where you are. Install the app now and experience the freedom of remote support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. What is a remote desktop connection?

    A remote desktop connection is a technology that allows you to remotely access connected devices, like computers, laptops, or mobile devices from a remote location over a network. This can be helpful in situations where you need to access your files or applications from another location.
  • 02. How can I transfer files using a remote desktop connection?

    Zoho Assist has simplified the file transfer process by allowing you to select files from either the local or remote computer and click "Send" or "Receive" to transfer files. The file transfer process won't interrupt the desktop sharing during remote access.
  • 03. Can I remotely access my workstation without an end-user present? 

    Yes, you can remotely access your connected machines using Zoho Assist's Unattended Remote Access feature. This feature allows you to connect to your workstation even if no one is currently using it.
  • 04. Can I try Zoho Assist for free?

    Yes, Zoho Assist offers free remote desktop connection software for basic remote support, which is recommended for personal use.
  • 05. Does Zoho Assist's remote connection software work for Windows 11?

    Yes, Zoho Assist's remote connection software allows you to control Windows 11 devices without requiring special permission for establishing remote connections, unlike Microsoft's Windows Remote Desktop.