Windows Remote Desktop Software

Zoho Assist is a remote desktop software for Windows that allows you to remotely access desktops and back-end servers by initiating an on-demand remote support or unattended remote access session to provide top-notch IT support to your customers.


online windows remote desktop software

Windows remote access software features for a hassle-free troubleshooting experience

  • File Transfer
  • Instant Chat
  • Invite Technicians
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Multi-Monitor Navigation
  • Customization & Rebranding

File Transfer

Transferring files to a remote Windows desktop during a support session will help you fix glitches easily. Zoho Assist allows you to securely send and receive all types of files, up to 2GB in size.


Instant Chat

Stay in touch with your customer during remote access sessions through our chat window, rather than resorting to external messaging services.


Multi-monitor Navigation

Use the windows remote desktop tool to navigate between multiple monitors of the remote computer to make troubleshooting easier.


Reboot and Reconnect

A remote access tool for Windows must support remote rebooting, as most software installations require a system reboot. Losing the remote connection while rebooting can interrupt the installation process. Zoho Assist allows you to reboot and reconnect to the remote computer without the session getting disconnected.


Concurrent Sessions

Windows remote access tool allows you to initiate multiple support sessions from your organization account to attend to multiple customers at the same time. 


Invite Technicians

To resolve an issue you might need technicians with different skill sets. With invite technician, you can ask colleagues to help you out during your remote access sessions.


Customization & Rebranding

Rebranding helps you customize your Zoho Assist account by having your company's name, logo, favicon, and portal URL shown in your organization account.


Desktop App for Windows

Our technician and customer apps for Windows will help you initiate remote support sessions, manage unattended computers, and join remote support sessions right from your desktop.

Systems requirements for Zoho Assist - Windows remote support software:

Technician End

  • Windows XP-Windows 10
  • Server 2003-2016

Customer End

  • Windows XP-Windows 10
  • Server 2003-2016

A Windows remote application for Seamless troubleshooting.