How to Remotely Access Mac desktops?

Zoho Assist offers the best Mac remote desktop software to help you provide top-notch IT support to your customers. With our software, you can remotely access Mac desktops and back-end servers through on-demand and unattended remote sessions. Experience seamless Mac remote desktop connections and ensure hassle-free remote support for your clients with Assist.

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Establish Mac remote desktop connection

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Zoho Assist's Mac remote desktop software offers instant access to Mac desktops, allowing you to provide remote support and screen sharing sessions to your customers anytime, anywhere. With our easy-to-use remote access solution, all you need to do is log in to your Zoho account, start a remote session, and share the details with your designated customer. Once the customer joins the session, you can remotely access and control their Mac desktop with ease.

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How to access Mac remote desktops from anywhere

  • Step 1. Getting started

    To get started, signup for Zoho Assist with your email address, or if you're already a Zoho user, click on Access Zoho Assist to get started. For first time users, we offer a 15-day trial with all our enterprise features. After 15 days, Zoho Assist remains free for personal use.

  • Step 2. Initiating a remote support session

    You can initiate a remote support session, click Start Now, or click Schedule to conduct a session at a convenient time. After initiating a remote assistance for Mac session, there are three ways you can invite a person at the remote end.

  • Step 3. Connecting to the remote desktop

    Upon receiving the invite, your customer can join the session through one of the methods mentioned in Step 2, and install the lightweight agent to give you complete access to the Mac remote desktop.

    Click here to read more about how you can connect to remote desktop through an on-demand remote support session or an unattended access session.

Can I connect to Mac remote Desktop from Windows?

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  • Step 1. Open a browser on your Windows device and navigate to
  • Step 2. Sign in to your Zoho Assist account, if you are an existing user.
  • Step 3. If you are a first time user, register for our 15-day free trial program to use Assist.
  • Step 4. To initiate a remote support session, click the Start Now button on the home page.
  • Step 5. Share the session details with your remote end user.
  • Step 6. Once your end user joins the session, you will have complete access to their Mac remote desktop.

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How to establish a safe and secure connection to access remote mac desktops from other devices?

  • Step 1. Launch a web browser from your device.
  • Step 2. Go to and log in to your account using your credentials.
  • Step 3. Click the Start Now button to initiate a remote access and control session.
  • Step 4. You can also schedule sessions using the Schedule option on the same page.
  • Step 5. The session ID and other details can then be shared with your customer so they can join the session.
  • Step 6. You will be able to control your customer's Mac desktop remotely once they join the session using the shared details.
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Remote desktop connection: Mac to Mac

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  • Step 1. To connect to a Mac remote desktop from a different Mac device, open a browser from your Mac system.
  • Step 2. Log in to your Zoho Assist account.
  • Step 3. You can use the Start Now button to initiate a session, or the Schedule button to schedule a remote support session.
  • Step 4. Share the session details with your customer. This will enable them to join the session and provide remote access to their Mac desktop.

Optimize Your Mac Remote Desktop Experience with Zoho Assist App

Maximize your efficiency with Zoho Assist's remote desktop apps for Mac. Our technician and customer apps offer faster issue resolution and an improved user experience. If you prefer not to work from a browser, our technician app provides a native option to run support sessions directly from the application. Technicians can easily download our app and remotely access and control Mac desktops right from there. Customers using remote Mac desktops can also download our customer app to join sessions quickly and easily. Streamline your IT support with Zoho Assist's Mac remote desktop apps. Learn more

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Remote access from Mac to PC with just a browser

While Mac OS is known for its "It just works" tagline, issues can still arise, leaving users in need of help. The troubleshooting process can be hindered by installation and compatibility issues. Zoho Assist's cloud-based remote desktop software for Mac bypasses these issues, making it a reliable choice for remote access and troubleshooting. Remote technicians can use Zoho Assist from any browser to access and work on a Mac OS remote desktop, even from a PC. With Zoho Assist, there are no installation hassles, and you can customize the software to suit your needs.

Troubleshooting with Remote Desktop Software for Mac

Key features of a Mac remote desktop software

To take a remote technician's help to solve issues on a Mac desktop is a time-saving idea! But, remote technicians have many problems to contend with on a daily basis and have to accelerate troubleshooting to resolve more issues. Here are some of the features that Zoho Assist's Mac remote access software offers technicians to increase their efficiency.



    Reboot and reconnect

    Restart a remote computer to fix a frozen or unresponsive screen without losing control.

    Reboot using Mac Remote Desktop App


    Instant chat

    Exchange messages with your customers during a session to communicate smoothly then and there

    Chat instantly in Mac remote desktop - Zoho Assist TITLE : Chat instantly in Mac remote desktop


    Multi-monitor navigation

    Switch between monitors of a mac remote desktop with ease.

    Multi-monitor Mac remote desktop software - Zoho Assist TITLE : Multi-monitor Mac remote desktop software


    Invite technicians

    Ask colleagues with different skills to help you during remote support sessions

     Invite technicians in remote desktop for Mac - Zoho Assist TITLE : Invite technicians in remote desktop for Mac


    Swap Screen

    During a remote session, technicians can broadcast their screen to the customer by reversing the shared screen.

     Swap screen in remote desktop Mac - Zoho Assist TITLE : Swap screen in remote desktop Mac

Reboot using Mac Remote Desktop App Chant instantly during your Mac remote access session - Zoho Assist Invite technicians to access your remote mac desktop - Zoho Assist

Explore more features

Customizing Your Mac Remote Desktop Software with Zoho Assist

Big corporations may hesitate to use remote support apps that display another company's brand. With Zoho Assist, you can rebrand the software with your company's name, logo, favicon, and a customized portal URL. You can also customize the emails sent to customers, including the sender's email address, reply-to address, and CC email addresses. This way, your customers will always know who they are communicating with during the support process. Learn more

Customize your mac remote desktop - Zoho Assist

System requirements for MacOS remote desktop software

Zoho Assist - Best Mac remote control software is compatible with most versions of Mac. Please check our system requirements guide for more details regarding compatibility.

  • To conduct remote support / unattended access sessions:

    Mac OS 10.6 and above

  • To join a remote support session - Customer end:

    Mac OS 10.9 and above

  • To set up unattended access - Remote computer end:

    Mac OS 10.9 and above

"It's snowing like mad where I am, and Zoho saved me a 90 minute round trip to reboot some resources. Thank you!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Mac remote desktop?

    Remote Desktop for Mac offered by Assist will enable remote access connections across the globe instantly. With this reliable tool and its enhanced features, you can resolve customer issues and install updates in the Mac desktop anytime required.

  • How to connect to Mac remote desktop?

    With Zoho Assist, you can initiate a remote support session and share the details with the customer to help them join the session. Upon the customer joining the session, the technicians will be able use the options in the menu bar to resolve any errors or issues.

  • Which is the best remote desktop connection tool for Mac?

    Zoho Assist is a highly reliable remote Mac desktop tool that will allow you to access and troubleshoot issues in a Mac computer in no time.

  • Does Zoho Assist offer multiple packages?

    Yes, Zoho Assist offers several packages including the free package and you can go with a package that better suits your business requirements. To know more about the different editions we offer, click here.

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