Enhancing Assist’s user experience with state-of-the-art remote desktop connection features

When learning how to connect to remote desktop, you need to look for the right features. Assist’s extensive feature-set was designed to enable streamlined and top-notch remote support services.

Cross-platform accessibility

Assist offers accessibility via all major platforms to increase customer convenience. Compatibility is the one thing that our customers never need to worry about when conducting remote desktop connection.

User management and roles

This feature helps with managing multiple users, allocating designated roles, and assigning access privileges to technicians in your organizations.


Assist offers a higher-standard of security for their customers via 2-Factor Authentication, end-to-end encryption, SSL, and time-dependent OTPs. Remote desktop connection via Assist is secure and simple.

Multiple integrations

Assist offers a wide range of help desk and service desk software integrations to help you quickly resolve errors and connect to customers.

Reports and auditing

For auditing and administrative purposes, you can view, analyze, and download customized session log reports.

Multi-monitor navigation

After you set up a remote desktop connection, navigating or getting access to multiple remote computer screens can be achieved with the multi-monitor navigation feature.

File sharing

Assist lets you send or receive files up to 2GB during a support session. Driver or patch files can be sent in no time.

Remote printing

Remote connection allows you to remotely print from a remote computer to a local computer, after you install remote printer drivers.

Secured remote desktop connection: Connect to desktops Securely from anywhere

Secured remote desktop connection: Connect to desktops Securely from anywhere

As an organization, Zoho is committed to the security and privacy of our customers' data. This commitment is backed by a combination of security features, latest protocols, internal policies and rigorous audits. Learn more about security and privacy in Zoho Assist.


How to connect to a remote desktop using Zoho Assist


Quick onboarding

Zoho Assist has a simple how to connect to remote desktop connection process that can be completed in a few minutes. Go to zoho.com/assist and select the Sign up for free option on the home page. Specify your basic details, get your account verified, and you can enjoy a 15-day trial of the remote desktop connection software. If you are a part of Zoho, you can use the Sign In option and proceed to use our services.

    Quick onboarding in a remote desktop - Zoho Assist
     Hosting sessions with a remote desktop

Hosting your sessions

Next, you have to host a remote support session by inviting the user at the remote end. Initiating a remote desktop connection can be done via the Start Now or the Schedule a Session option. The latter helps you organize a session based on the remote end user’s availability. When planning to start a session right away, you can invite the remote end user by sharing the invite link, sending an SMS or email, or by asking them to navigate to join.zoho.com.


Establish a secure remote desktop connection

The customer or the remote end user should accept the invite and join the session to initiate a robust and uninterrupted remote desktop connection. After a successful connection, you will have access to all the features if you are in the trial edition.

Establishing a secure remote desktop connection Zoho Assist    

What The Community Has to Say

★★★★★4.6 / 5

"This software is amazing for comprehensive remote support, screen sharing, and remote access solutions, allowing you to access your customer's remote desktop to share their screen and manage unattended computers."

Telecommunications User

★★★★★4.8 / 5

"Zoho Assist is a really fantastic, stable and easy to use solution for remote access. We were able to set it up very quickly and support our users to use remote desktop of their machines from their home."

Head-IT, Education Industry

★★★★★4.6 / 5

"We've had a great experience with Zoho Assist. The remote desktop experience is reliable, operates with minimal lag, and automatically reconnects if any bandwidth interruptions occur."

Tyler.F, CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect to Remote Desktop from Windows?

Zoho Assist can be used to effortlessly connect to systems running Windows. Click here to connect your windows system for a remote support session.

How to establish a remote connection with another computer?

Zoho Assist helps you host a secure remote support session and establish connection with the remote end user. You can do this by initiating or scheduling a session with one of the technicians and sharing the invite with them. Learn more.

Is there a free remote desktop program?

Zoho Assist provides a 15-day trial version free of cost for all its customers. Post the trial period, we offer a free remote access plan and multiple paid plans, so you can choose one that best suits your requirements.

Is remote desktop connection secure?

Yes, Zoho Assist offers a secure environment to host remote support sessions at anytime. To learn more about our security protocols. Click here.