Benefits of using Remote Printing


Work from anywhere

Set up a remote station and print files remotely, print from home, print while you're travelling - printing from remote desktop has never been made any easier. The remote printing software in Zoho Assist facilitates this feature to the extent of possible potential.


Faster, simpler and time saving

Remote printing over the internet is as simple as configuring your remote computer with a lightweight tool just once. After which, initiate the printing process of the files and documents you want - with just a single click of a button. Need a hard printed copy of a document? With remote desktop printing, get it all done digitally right from where you're and collect it on the go.


Secure and Safe

Protect your data at no extra cost, the encrypted interface of Assist serves to secure your data and information. Modify and assign the status of accessibility to this feature easily to best meet your security parameters. Learn more about how you can secure and protect personal and organization's data with Zoho Assist.


Work in harmony

Join hands, access and work with your team effortlessly. Collaborate with your team, share a file remotely through a connected network and print it using the local printer - all from just where you're.


Accessibility & Management

Connect multiple printers to your remote desktop in just a snap - with the remote printing feature in Assist, the user can link more than one printer to a remote device and access and manage it right from where they're - easily, with simple actions.



A single, light-weight, one-time configuration tool to enable diverse remote printing applications - print any document in any printer remotely connected and configured to support Assist's remote printing at lightening fast speeds.

How to print remotely over the Internet?

Print files remotely from anywhere
Print files remotely from anywhere
  • 01Log in to Zoho Assist
  • 02Launch a remote/unattended access session using the ActiveX viewer
  • 03Select the Session Tool and click Remote Print
  • 04Enable remote printing and download and run the remote printing driver
  • 05Click Print and choose the printing options and remote printer you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is remote printing?

Remote printing is an advanced feature in Zoho Assist that allows you to access and print files and documents saved in a remote desktop from anywhere, at any time.

02. Can I print remotely to my printer?

You can remotely print from any printing device connected to the remote desktop.

03. How do I enable remote printing?

Remote printing is only available when connecting using the Application based ActiveX viewer, so to enable the ActiveX viewer follow the below steps.

Step 1 : Login to

Step 2 : Click on Settings and navigate to Preferences -> Technician Console

Step 3 : Enable ActiveX by selecting it.

After enabling ActiveX try connecting to your remote desktop and you'll be prompted to download and run a file just once.You can now print from your remote desktop to local printer.

04. Is remote printing safe?

Zoho Assist is a highly secure remote application tool with industry grade SSL 256-bit AES encryption, so you can transfer files and remotely print your files safely.

05. Is remote printing supported on all platforms?

No. Currently, remote printing is only supported in Windows OS.

System requirements

Remote Printing can be accessed by any 64 bit windows system.

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