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We provide highly reliable and secure remote access software to help you facilitate organized workflows and increase business productivity.

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What is secure remote access?

We provide highly reliable remote support software to help you facilitate organized workflows and increase business productivity.

Overcome your remote work challenges with Zoho Assist

Experience instant and secure remote access solutions

With the Zoho Assist remote access solution, you can instantly provide remote support to your customers around the globe. With remote support, customers do not have to wait for a technician to arrive on site to resolve issues in their systems.

Access any remote system or device

Assist facilitates efficient access to any remote PC, tablet, or mobile phone. All you have to do is initiate a session and share the session information with your customer. Once they join the session, you can access and control their device.

Digitize organization workflows

Remote support capability helps you quickly automate all tasks within the organization. All work processes in the enterprise will be made undemanding.



How secure is Zoho Assist?

Assist is built with industry-standard protocols, including SSL and 256-bit AES encryption, to ensure the highest standard of remote access security for business and personal use.

How secure is Zoho Assist?

    Session authentication codes

    All Assist sessions require a session code to authenticate the customer. The technician must share a unique session ID with the customer so they can receive remote support.


    Inactive session timeout

    For security purposes, any session conducted with Zoho Assist will automatically terminate after a fixed timeframe set by the technician.


    Two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for Assist users.



    Assist is a highly firewall-friendly tool, which will not force you to compromise on security during a remote access or control session.


    Session recording

    With the recording feature, remote support and unattended access sessions can be recorded and stored. Recorded sessions can be viewed at a later stage for reference or audit purposes when required.


    Antivirus compatible

    Unlike most support software, Assist is readily compatible with all major antivirus software on the market.


    Action log viewer

    Assist lets you view and keep a track of all the activities that take place in your organization with this viewer.


    Consent-based access

    Assist issues a confirmation prompt when you initiate a session. The customer must provide approval when the prompt appears to allow the technician to access and control their system.


    Data privacy

    With Assist's data anonymization feature, all personally identifiable information, such as a user's IP address and email address, will be masked completely.

Key features of remote access solution

Assist is feature-filled and secure remote access software with a designated technician and customer panel that eases navigation through the system during active remote support sessions.

What do we offer in the reliable remote access tool?

    Multi-monitor navigation

    View multiple monitors connected to a remote system with different view types.


    Diagnostic tools

    Assist's multiple built-in diagnostic tools help diagnose and manage any issues that arise in a remote system. Scheduled system diagnostics help prevent security breaches and IT-related incidents.


    File transfer

    Technicians and customers can send and receive files of all formats up to 2GB during an ongoing remote support session.


    Reboot and reconnect

    Reboot any remote computer and automatically reconnect without terminating your remote access session.


    Voice and video chat

    Technicians and customers can connect with each other using live voice and video chat to quickly resolve issues.



    Include your brand's logo, name, preferred icon, and more to customize Assist as needed.


    Remote power options

    Wake up, turn on, power off, or restart a computer using Assist's remote power options.


    Self-service portal

    Allow your customers to request and schedule service based on their availability in the self-service portal.


    Session recording

    Securely record all your remote sessions and store them in the cloud by enabling the Session Recording options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote access?

Remote access features help you provide remote support to any device, in any location, at any time. Zoho Assist is a lightweight remote access tool with a simple and intuitive interface that empowers you to deliver instant remote support to your customers.

What are the methods of secure remote access?

Zoho Assist offers two secure remote access methods:

  • Remote support - Sessions will be hosted by technicians upon request from the customers to resolve any critical issues or installations.
  • Unattended access - Technicians are designated with pre-authorized access to remote computers for maintenance and assistance purposes anytime.

How does secure remote access software work?

Zoho Assist enables you to initiate secure remote access sessions in just two easy steps. Log in to your Assist account and use the Start Now button to host a session. Share the session information with the customer to get connected via a secure remote access and control session.

What are the best practices to ensure a secure remote session?

To make sure that a highly-secure remote support session is conducted, you can enable the two-factor authentication provided by Zoho Assist, limit privileges to technicians, ensure that all the security patches are up-to-date on the remote computer, and set strong passwords that satisfy the criteria.

Is Zoho Assist secure remote access software?

Yes, Zoho Assist is a lightweight remote access tool with a simple, intuitive, and industry-standard SSL and 256-bit AES-encrypted interface.

What secure technologies are used to establish remote access?

Zoho Assist's antivirus-compatible and firewall-friendly interface ensures industry-grade security for all users, with features like two-factor authentication and customizable, automatic inactive session timeouts. Assist prompts users for consent and prioritizes the privacy of your data.

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