How do I remotely control Android phones and Tablets?

  • Step 1: Install the Zoho Assist Technician app on your android device
  • Step 2: Install and start the Zoho Assist Customer app on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
  • Step 3: Initiate a support session from your device and enter the session-key on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
  • Step 4: Click “Start Session” , you can now remotely monitor your phone screens

Is remote desktop for Android free?

Zoho Assist remote assistance app for Android is available for free of cost at the Google Playstore. Simply search for Zoho Assist in the Google Playstore and start supporting your Android devices from anywhere.

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Remote support android devices - Zoho Assist

How to remotely support android devices?

  • Step 1: Install the Zoho Assist Technician app on your android device
  • Step 2: Install and start the Zoho Assist Customer app on the Android phone you wish to provide Android remote support and enter the session-key to initiate a support session.
  • Step 3: Allow access for remote control and unattended access on the connecting Android device
  • Step 4: Access the quick launch tools and resolve issues on your Android device remotely

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Two-Way Screen Sharing with your support technician

You can now share your mobile screens with technical support technicians and vice-versa during training and demonstrations with this Remote Desktop App for Android. During a session, you can toggle between multiple monitors, sync your clipboard across devices, and annotate your screen to communicate effectively. You can also use Zoho Assist, remote access tool to remote access your Android phones, remote control smartphones such as Samsung, Lenovo, Sony Experia, and HP from your PC and vice-versa.

Live Chat

Using Zoho Assist’s Live Chat, you can communicate with your peers directly from your Android devices. Quick and easy communication lets you resolve your IT issues instantly.

Embed remote support in your Android/iOS App

With Zoho Assist’s Mobile Software Development Kit, you can embed remote support functionalities to your Android applications by which you can start a  remote assistance Android support session right from your customized app. Embedded remote support for android phones is a secure and reliable solution if you are interested in accessing computer screens remotely, troubleshoot mobile devices, or upgrading software versions using your Android devices. Learn More.

How to integrate your SDK?

Register your application

You can register your application on the SDK Integrations tab after logging into your Zoho Assist account.

Generate an SDK Token

After importing the AssistSDK module into your product you can generate an SDK Token from

Integrate your application

Integrate your mobile app on to your new Mobile SDK project.

Control your device

Post integration, you’ll be able to control your completely customised mobile application matching your business prospects.

By incorporating this SDK to your Android smartphone app you can

  • Remotely view system/app information from your mobile app
  • Remote control other devices and troubleshoot issues
  • Enable chat support from your app
  • Transfer files from/to your app
  • Share your mobile screen for demo or training related purposes

Instant Remote Support

On-demand or scheduled remote support helps you establish support sessions with your remote customers at the best possible time. You can transfer files, organize your support sessions, and control remote devices efficiently. You can connect with a wide variety of remote devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and iOS.
Learn More.

Configure Android unattended remote access

Unattended remote access over internet helps you access, manage, and control devices remotely without a customer present at the other end. Using Zoho Assist’s mass deployment, you can configure android unattended remote access for Android phones in just a few clicks. Simply register and enroll your mobile devices, and you’re ready to access them remotely with Assist’s advanced mass deployment features.
Learn More.

Multi-Monitor Navigation

Smoothly navigate between multiple monitors connected to a remote computer during a support session, right from your Android device.

File Transfer

Transfer files between your Android devices remotely up to 2GB. While working from home, you can access, manage, and link these files on your workplace devices at the office, directly from your Android device.
Learn More.

Access and Perform diagnostics on your PC remotely from your Android device

Perform specific system diagnostic operations such as opening the command prompt, accessing the task manager and device manager, and viewing the status of the groups, hardware, printers, services, software, and users directly from your Android device. You can also perform remote power operations such as shut down, log-off, restart, lock, and hibernate as needed, without initiating a Android remote assistance session.

Technician App

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Benefits of remote controlling feature

Remote access and control tools have become indispensable for modern businesses. The need for businesses to adopt an efficient and user-friendly remote desktop connection tool continues to become apparent, as do the enormous benefits these tools provide.

Troubleshooting from anywhere

With a feature-filled remote mobile access application like Zoho Assist, you can efficiently troubleshoot any remote system. The time and cost spent on the physical presence of a technician can be avoided.

Collaboration made easier

Whether with a client who lives in another country or an employee working from home, Assist helps you quickly connect for uninterrupted workflows, both within and outside your organization.

Knowledge sharing and productivity

Make it easier for team members to share knowledge for seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

Low maintenance charges

With an Remote access Android app, reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the physical presence of a technician and the need for equipment.

Mobile device requirements

Android version 6.0 & above iOS version 11.0 & above

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to remotely control a PC from an Android device?

You can remotely access, manage, and control your PCs from Android by enrolling your device for unattended access or initiating a free unattended remote access Android session.

2. How to remotely control Android phone from another phone for free?

You can remotely control Android phone from another phone using Zoho Assist’s free remote access app for Android.

3. Is it possible to remotely control my Android phone without permission?

No. No, on enabling the standard security protocols employed in Assist, it is not possible to remotely access your Android phone without permission. Click here to know more about blocking remote access to your phone.

4. How to remotely access Android phone from PC?

You can provide remote assistance for Android phone from PC by installing the unattended access agent on your Android phone.

On-demand Remote Control and Unattended Remote Access on your Android device.

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