How do I find out if someone is remotely accessing my Android phone?

When someone is remotely accessing your device, they leave cyber footprints. These can be reverse engineered to locate the source of the threat.

  • Monitor the applications running in the background of your device and check whether there are any unknown applications.
  • Notice significant increases in device temperature and decreases in battery life. These often indicate your Android device is being accessed remotely.
  • Take note of unfamiliar noises and voices during calls. These can indicate that your calls are being monitored and recorded.
  • Be wary of increased service messages and pop-up ads.
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How to block remote access to your Android phone

Enable multi-factor authentication

Secure your remote control Android device by setting up multi-factor authentication. This will prevent your device from being breached easily.

Install a reliable antivirus application

Antivirus software helps detect malware in applications, alert you to suspicious activities, and identify threats with regular scans. Investing in a leading antivirus application is highly recommended.

Hard factory reset

If you suspect that your Android device is being accessed remotely without your permission, back up all your data to a safe cloud or storage space and factory reset your device.

Only download applications you trust

Your Android device is just one download away from being hacked. To ensure the safety of your device, you should only install and use applications from trusted sites and sources, like the Google Play Store.

Steer clear of suspicious links

Phishing links sent through email, SMS, and social apps are the most common method used for scamming and hacking. Be sure to avoid clicking on any links shared from suspicious accounts.

Avoid signing in to your accounts from unrecognized devices

Never access your cloud accounts or Google accounts from unfamiliar devices. If your data syncs to this device, you open yourself up to a cyber threat. If you've already signed in to an unfamiliar device, or there is an absolute necessity to do so, make sure you use an incognito browser and double check that you've logged out of all your accounts when you're done.

Frequently review your accounts and update the passwords

Frequently updating your credentials will help keep your accounts safe and protected. Monitor your accounts and log-in activities, and report any irregular activity you observe. This way you can stop someone from accessing your phone remotely. 

Zoho Assist security features

Zoho Assist provides industry-grade security for your accounts and data. Here are some features that make it a highly secure and intuitive remote desktop connection application

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Firewall-friendly compatibility with all major antivirus applications
  • Easy access to and monitoring of session activities.
  • Options to restrict features and regulate remote activities performed on your device.
  • Zoho Assist logo displayed at the top of your screen when your Android device is being accessed, either on demand or unattended, by a Zoho Assist agent.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can someone access my phone remotely?

Remote assistance software, such as Zoho Assist, can be used to access and troubleshoot your mobile devices. These tools require user consent, because they often involve software installation, file transfers, sharing of access credentials, and other activities.

How to tell if someone is accessing your phone remotely?

If you believe that someone has access to your Android phone screen, look for strange activities, such as apps running in the background, and evaluate the permissions granted to each app on your phone. You can also monitor your network for any unfamiliar connections.

How to remove remote access from android phone?

If your mobile device is accessed using remote support software, you can opt to exit the session. You can also choose to:

  • Change passwords
  • Remove/uninstall suspicious apps
  • Implement two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Clear your cache

How to check if someone is accessing your iPhone remotely?

To know if someone is accessing your iPhone remotely, you need to look for unusual activities, such as unknown app installations, unfamiliar calls or texts, and unauthorized changes to settings. You can also monitor your device's battery usage and data consumption for any unusual patterns.

How do I know if my phone is linked to another device?

In order to find out if your phone is linked to another device, check for signs like unusual notifications from linked services, unexpected data usage, or unfamiliar devices listed in your connected devices section available under your phone's settings. Review any permissions that you have granted to apps for accessing your device's data or features. You can also consider using security features like remote device management tools to monitor and control any linked devices.

How to prevent unauthorized access to your android phone?

To block remote access to your mobile devices, you can

  • Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security.
  • Set a robust biometric lock screen PIN.
  • Manage app permissions to restrict unnecessary access.
  • Keep your software updated regularly to ensure you have the latest security patches and fixes. Learn more

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