Remotely access computers from anywhere

Remote access tools, like Zoho Assist, empower businesses of all sizes to remotely access devices and provide instant service to customers. Assist is highly secure software that efficiently connects technicians to customers in any location.

Remotely access computers from anywhere
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“It's snowing like mad where I am, and Zoho saved me a 90 minute round trip to reboot some resources. Thank you!”

William GoveiaIndiana Limestone, Ind.
How does remote access work?

How does remote access work?

Remote access software, like Zoho Assist, helps you connect to devices in any location. With an efficient remote access computer tool, you can easily initiate a remote support or an unattended access session to troubleshoot issues by fully controlling the remote user's system. No downloads or installations are required to connect to a remote computer.

How to remotely access another computer over the internet?

  • Step 1.

    Navigate to and log into your Zoho Assist account.

  • Step 2.

    Click the Start Now button on the Remote Support tab to host a remote support session.

  • Step 3.

    Share the session ID with the customer via email, invite link, or SMS.

  • Step 4.

    Once the customer joins the session, the technician will have complete access to, and control over, their system.

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Technician toolbar in Assist

Technician toolbar in Assist

During a remote access session, the technician can access a remote computer and resolve any issues using the efficient tools and features in Zoho Assist's technician toolbar. On the toolbar, you'll find the following options:

  • View
  • Chat
  • Session
  • Diagnostics
  • Tools
  • Event Notifications
Customer toolbar in Assist

Customer toolbar in Assist

The end user's toolbar also contains a set of tools to help them navigate the session and instantly communicate with the technician. The toolbar consists of:

  • Technician information
  • Text Chat
  • Annotation
  • File Transfer

Remote access computer features that empower outstanding IT support

Session recording

Every remote support and unattended access session can be recorded and stored in the cloud. To do this, simply enable the Session Recording checkbox under Settings. Recordings can later be used for auditing and administrative purposes.

Service queue

Customers can request a session by filling out the self-service portal form with details such as their company name, email address, issue description, and preferred time. The service queue ensures customers get prompt attention from technicians.

Instant chat

Technicians and customers can communicate instantly with each other using text, audio, or video chat in Zoho Assist. The app also offers VoIP calling based on the call credits/minute.

File Transfer

During an active remote support session, participants can send and receive files of any format up to 5GB. Send patch files, or updates for files, applications, and more.

Diagnostic tools

The diagnostic tools in Assist help technicians diagnose and manage remote computers when needed. You can also run periodic system diagnostics from time-to-time to avoid any security-related issues.

Invite technician

Invite secondary technicians to an active remote support session when additional assistance is required. Use the Invite Technician option to include another technician from your organization.


Highlight a particular area of your screen with drawings or text, or by adding shapes. This helps technicians develop a better understanding of the issue.

Remote power options

Remote systems can be shut down, restarted, rebooted, logged off, and more with remote power options even if you're not hosting a session.

User management

Admins can efficiently manage technicians in their organization by assigning them roles, and providing access to specific features as well as group access to technicians when required.

Mobile device support

With the Zoho Assist Android and iOS technician and customer apps, you can connect with remote mobile devices at anytime, anywhere, and start sessions from mobile devices when required.

Screen sharing

Technicians can initiate a screen sharing session or choose to share their screen during a session across multiple operating systems for reference or to provide a demo.

In-app integrations

Assist offers integrations with multiple service and help desks, such as FreshDesk, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Slack, and Zoho Bookings. This will enable any technician to conduct a remote support session from any of the integrated apps when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I remotely access a computer from a mobile device?

Zoho Assist facilitates free remote access to computers for personal use. Access all the necessary features in the Free edition to conduct a successful remote support session.

02. Who uses remote access computer software like Zoho Assist?

Remote access software is widely used by businesses of all sizes. Assist helps many enterprises, SMBs, and technicians connect with their customers instantly and resolve issues with remote computers.

03. Can I establish remote access from Windows/Mac/Linux?

Yes, Zoho Assist is reliable remote support software that supports cross-platform compatibility. Technicians can remotely access devices from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook, and from mobile devices such as Android and iOS when needed.

04. Can I remotely access my computer for free using Zoho Assist?

Yes, Zoho Assist is reliable remote support software that supports cross-platform compatibility. Technicians can remotely access devices from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook, and from mobile devices such as Android and iOS when needed.

05. Is Zoho Assist secure?

Zoho Assist is built on robust security protocols, such as two-factor authentication, 256-bit AES encryption, and TLS 1.2 and 1.3 protocols to ensure the protection of users and their data during each remote support and unattended access session.

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